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July 29, 2014 Tecnopolis

Hey! Glad to hear everything is good! Sounds like you guys had an ´´Olsen week´´! Dbacks, Yokos, the boat, temple, clubhouse, San Tan, VF, Bahama bucks, and fighting! (And now milanesa and empanadas) jaja! Very cool! And no im not trunky! =P

But things are going really well! We are working really hard! And walking really fast. Haha! But yes we are getting along better. We just weren’t used to each other and now we are getting there. Thankfully.

Well a little bit about the investigators. I’m not sure if I told you about Dylan. He was a kid that we are teaching and well right before his baptism he told us that he smokes. So we had to postpone his baptism and then Elder Gines wanted to drop him completely (we fought) so I ended up dropping him for some time. (Like the week) and then we stopped by on Sat. and he said he stopped smoking and that he was going to go to church. I told myself. If he shows up to church alone then I will believe that he quit smoking and that he wants to be baptized. On Sunday morning we were really busy about other investigators that I forgot. And at the end of the sacrament meeting my comp says, hey did you see that Dylan walked in with his cousin? I was so excited. So he came and now he is going to get baptized on Saturday! Then on Sunday we have another baptism! Her name is Yessica. She is a cousin of a recent convert. She is really nice. 18 years old. And she has a baby that’s 1. She really wants to do what is right and to learn more. She has a problem though. She didn’t try very hard in school and quit school in 4th grade. She doesn’t know how to read and has some sort of mental disability. It’s like teaching to an 8 year old. She is really nice though and she is improving! The other day we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and she just kept talking about how the Baptism cleans you from sins. And then you have to endure to the end. She really liked those parts. Jaja! And she has been inviting all of her friends to church and she really enjoys it! It’s super awesome! Now we just have to teach the commandments and have the interview! And we have found a bunch of other people. But for now we have them!

So super cool day we had on Saturday. We had a ton of lessons to teach and at 4 the young men were going to play soccer in the church. So what happened was we went out early and taught. Had lunch with the Young Men’s president. After we did divisions with him and 2 chicos from the church. I went with Dante YMP and Nico- and my comp went with a recent convert. I went around and saw Dylan and some other kids to invite them to play but no one could go. We were going to keep looking for people but I get a text that says go to the church. So I run into my comp and he says that he didn’t know they were going to play and he needed to join up with us cuz the recent convert wanted to play. But by the time we got there he said to stay in the divisions and we would meet back up. Well while we were talking the kid I was with wanted to play and started to play. Well he didn’t want to leave. So I was there with the youth, 2 priesthood holders, the YMP (also priesthood holder) and the relief society. I tried to get them to go but no one wanted to. So I tried to teach because we had recent converts there. But they didn’t want to they were focused on Soccer! Even when they weren’t playing. So I asked if I could help with the Relief Society to clean the church and they were just finishing up and they gave me a cup cake. I tried hard to do something productive. But it didn’t work! Haha! After about 30 min they stopped playing and the recent convert that was with my comp came with me to teach Yessica! Then we all met up at 8 to eat an asado in the house on the recent converts. Which is the dad, a 22 yo, 20, 15 12 and 9. All men. Haha! All baptized. Well the 9 year old was last. He got baptized yesterday. We ended up teaching 10 lessons in one day and at church we had 5 investigators! Haha! It was an awesome weekend!

Today we went to Tecnopolis. Which is like a giant museum type thing. Its outdoors and they just have a ton of stuff to do! Like stuff about science, ocean, animals, dinos, tourism, transportation, everything! It was super fun! We went with the recent converts! And we ran into a bunch of elders. Its something they only do now in this time of the year. Because they are in vacations. But only 2 weeks like winter break. But there was a ton of people there! It was crazy! There was a huge line for everything! And we didn’t have much time! But it was nice to get a little taste of it! There was a part that was about video games. And we were walking around with the ZLs and we were like....uh... can we walk into there! We walked in and it was just a giant room with a ton of TVs and computers and kids playing video games. Haha! It was funny that some people go to a place like that... JUST to play games. Haha! But it was like a missionary’s nightmare!

But things are going good! I rolled my ankle today playing soccer and so walking today sucked but other than that I am good! We are having a lot of success and a lot of fun! Love you all and be good!

Elder McNutt Enjoying Fried Oreos
 The last pday they made fried oreos! and we played volleyball! It was alot of fun to play volleyball again

Please Pass the Milk
Just a ton of people!!!  

I saw giant dinos too!!! =P 

Zone leaders Elder Engebretsen and Hogge! and reppin  the Argentine pride!! 


Video game part!

 we had milanesa sandwhiches for lunch! 

Coolest car i have ever seen! car that opens up and has empadas! haha! 
Morfar is a word that means to eat. but its like slang. and so it say morfa. haha

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