Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 26, 2014 Elder Olsen's been Transferred - Tortugas & Senior Companion

Hey how is it going!
What a crazy week you guys had! But yeah I didn’t feel good about them either! (Our house fell out of escrow so we are not moving yet!) Haha! =P But yeah things are going good! I also had a crazy week this week! Monday we went to the River Stadium and that was pretty cool! We got to take a tour of the whole thing and go out to the field! It is kind of like the BYU stadium. Nothing really special. But it was nice! On Wednesday we ended up doing a service project for a member in the ward. He has 2 months to build himself a house. And so the members are helping him build it. He does work and he doesn’t have the money to pay for someone so he is doing it all by himself. But he isn’t like really in the best condition. And so he uses this work to keep himself focused and away from the life that he used to have! But he is a really great guy! Then all this week one of the Zone Leaders got sick and they couldn’t leave the house. So on Wed we did divisions so the other Elder could go out and see their investigators. I was so tired from working on the house that when i got to go take care of the sick elder I made sure he was okay and I passed out! Well at 9 my comp and a could members passed by to pick me up, and I was asleep and they all made fun of me that the sick elder was taking care of me and that I was just sleeping. Haha! But it was so bad, I was sore in my back and my legs for like the whole week! Then my comp got a call telling him that he was going to train this next transfer and so we had to go to a meeting in the mission office! I learned a lot there! Then when we went to go have the interviews for our baptisms we couldn’t find one of the kids. - I started to get nervous because my comp was talking about dropping him. I was like WHAT! He is going to get baptized tomorrow why we would drop him. Well on Saturday morning the zone leader and my comp went to look for him. They found him and he passed his interview and on Saturday night we had 2 baptisms! Martin and Maxi! Maxi is a friend of Aryton who got baptized the last Sunday. And Maxi lives with Aryton because he doesn’t have a very good home condition. And now all of Aryton’s family have a Baptismal date and are going to church. The dad will be baptized this Sunday or the Saturday. And then we want him to get the priesthood and baptize his other son and the mom! But we will see what happens. On Sunday night (After they were all confirmed) we went to the Despedida. That is like a last testimony meeting for the missionaries that go home. And so we took Aryton Martin and Maxi. It was fun to go and see a bunch of missionaries and the converts. There I saw a family from my first area here in Argentina. And so that was really cool! On Monday it was basically my day to say goodbye to everyone because I knew I was leaving. It was so cold and it was raining. And I was sick! And so we ended up just staying in the house of our converts and we brought a couple investigators to teach over there and then we taught the Family. Then when I had to leave they all were crying. I told them there was a very slight chance I could stay because they put another companionship in that ward and so they were all saying that I was going to stay. They wanted me to talk to President and have him make me stay, haha! They didn’t understand that it didn’t work like that! Well after we went to have a family home evening with some converts of the zone leaders. They made deep fried Oreos. But they didn’t turn out very well. And when we were over there I got a call telling me that I was going to be Senior Companion! And they told me my new Area. Tortugas. It is right next to Grand Bourg. My other area. Right next to it. And it all looks the same. I’m kind of bummed because I wanted to go to the Capital. But now I’ve got to prove myself and show that I am ready for this responsibility that the Lord has trusted me with!

Thank you for all the support! I love you all! Take Care

River Staduim! There is 2 really big soccer teams in Buenos Aires. 
Boca and River. I've now been to them of both

Building Willy's House 

Martin and Maxi's Baptism 
The Portillo Family 
 Elder Gines, another Missionary, and Elder Olsen
 North Zone

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