Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 4, 2014 Yesika is Baptized


 Well I am doing great! Best part of the week was that yesterday we had a baptism! Yesika. She is awesome and I’m so happy for her! Im so excited to see the change that will happen in her life! But more than that this week we did divisions with some elders and it was really fun! IT was nice to go and talk to him and get some good insight. Then the rest of the week happened really fast! On Saturday there was a baptism of the other elders and we had ours on Sunday night! We have been finding a lot of families that are willing to listen to us. It’s really nice! Last night we ate Tongue! It was a little weird but it was good. We got there late and it was cold and asked them to heat it up and they all laughed at me. Apparently you eat tongue cold. Haha! But this week was a lot of fun! And tomorrow my comp is going to Uruguay to renovate his Visa and so I will be in Capital all day! I’m going to go and do tourist stuff and buy stuff. It’s going to be a great day!! =D im excited! We should be having some more baptisms in the weeks that are coming too! Sorry got to go!"

 Love you!

 I think Connor bought a new coat. 
 I'm so glad because he has lost so much weight that his big coat just drowns him.
Divisions with Elder Franco! 
Had to go to paper work. My comp is going to Uruaguy tomorrow!  

 Yesika is Baptized

 Last night we ate Tongue! It was pretty good actually! 

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