Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 18, 2014, Aryton Was Baptized

Yeah. I forgot to take a picture with my new pants but I got them hemmed up and they look good! And things are going good here! We are safe. We are healthy and we are working hard! We also had a Week kind of strange! A little crazy! Basically it happened with the Elders in our District. They are a little disobedient. And so we have been working with them to help them get a little better! We did divisiones with them and then my comp had to do a Bap interview for them and so we were going to change back at like 3. Well they don’t have a cell phone and we said we would meet up at the church. Well our lunch called us and said they would be a little late. And so we ended up getting at the church at like 345. And we waited for them for a while and we didn’t know where to go and eventually we met up with them and we didn’t get to our area to start working until like 6. And that happened again on Saturday because the lady didn’t pass her interview and my comp wanted to do it again on sat. Well she felt bad because she didn’t pass and so she told the elders she was done. The elders got mad and didn’t want to talk to us. And so we were worried what they were going to do. We ended up going over there to do the interview like normal and what had happened was that they went to go talk to the lady and convince her to get baptized. But it was a huge thing! They felt like my comp and the ZLs didn’t trust them but we talked about it. Got them a new phone. The lady got baptized and it’s all good! I felt bad though because one of the members in my ward baptized his daughter on Saturday and since all of that went down we couldn’t stay for the baptism. They had even called the mission president to ask Permission for us to stay. But I don’t think there is any hard feelings. Haha! Then On Sunday one of the Elders got sick and they asked me to stay with him during church. So we went to sacrament and then we left and I got to take little nap. That was nice! Haha! =D and then we had the baptism of Ayton. Oh and Yesika got confirmed! It was a good week! One week left for transfers! We will be writing on Tuesday next week! Love ya!

Aryton got baptized!!!

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