Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 13, 2014 Alma 37 - Diligence

So I feel kind of dumb because I haven’t written the letter yet. But here I go to start. Haha! Well things have been going really well! Me and my new comp get along very well! We are both very calm people and we don’t let the little things get us down. We have been working hard this week but we have been having a little trouble finding people that will progress! We have found people that like the church and like to learn. But no one that is ready for baptism yet. Also the same with inactives. We have found some that like to learn. Read the Bom but don’t want to progress or go to the church! I feel like we have just been stopping by the same people that missionaries have passed by already a bunch of times. And so I want to find new people that know nothing to kind of have like a clean slate! The problem with that is we need the members for that. Usually new people don’t just start listening to the missionaries. They need to know some member so they know that it’s nothing weird and also so the member is there to help guide them along the way! So we are trying to work with the members to find some one that is willing to progress!

The inactive family that we were working with didn’t want to progress anymore. They would go to the church just because we took them and it was close. But inside they weren’t trying to learn anything or feel anything. They just went because they had fun with us and we went and so they went. Kind of sad but that’s the mission. You got to drop the people that aren’t progressing so that God can prepare them a little more and so that we can go work with other people that will progress!

On Sunday I had a really great revelation! I was in the church and I felt this feeling that I should really pay attention to the spirit that day, especially during the sacrament like they counseled in the Conference! I had such a great experience in the church. It wasn’t any special. I just felt an energy. I was ready in Alma 37. And it talks about being diligent in all things. And that if we aren’t diligent its like nothing happens. It talks about Lehi and Nephi. How in their trip when they stopped exercising their faith and diligence they stopped seeing miracles. But when they were diligent they saw miracles! I took that as. We can do the things right. We can go to church, read the scriptures and do other things just cuz we know we need to do them! But we need to think about the why we do them. And actually try to learn and progress in every part of our life! It’s a great chapter and I invite all to read it and learn from it and then to apply the things you learn from it! You will be blessed and you will see Milagros! Haha!

Other news. I lost my camera! = (  I lasted 15 months in the mission with that camera! Thankfully i didn’t lose any pictures! So that was a blessing and a testimony of being prepared! But now I’m on the search for another one! But I’m doing good and I am working hard! The other day a member told us that chicken was really cheap at a grocery store. So we went and bought two whole chickens. And we cooked up one of them Argentine style! Asado! It was taking too long so at the end I just ended up putting it in the oven to make sure it was cooked all the way through. But it was good still! Now we are thinking about what we want to do with the other chicken! Fried...? In the oven...? Another asado...? You’ll just have to wait and see! =P this next week is mother’s day here in Argentina. I am also going to sing in church! It should be interesting! Well I Love all of you and hope things are going well! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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