Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oct 7, 2014 Happy 21st Birthday Connor and Elder Montenegro

Well this was a really crazy week!

So... On Sunday we had the Despedida (going away for the missionaries that are going home). I got to see a bunch of friends. Then on Monday we had a short p-day. We got to write and then we went to go to work. Well what happened was we had to go to a place called Del Viso which is kind of close because my comp had to sign some forms. Then we started working really late because we were traveling. But on Monday we had a really great lesson with the Bishop and Matias! Then on Tuesday was normal. Wednesday was my birthday. We started with a planning session for the week. And then we went to an Asado with the Martinez family. They are the investigators Matias that I had talked about. It was really good the food! But unfortunately they are not progressing. He refuses to give up smoking and when we were there on my birthday he takes out two giant beer bottles. And starts drinking in front of us, saying you got to celebrate but wasn’t listening to us. So we ate. And then we dropped them. Haha! It was sad and a little hard but it was what needed to be done. So we left and went to work. And then at the night we had ward council. Haha. The bishop said he was going to bring me something but didn’t have time. So after we left and get to our house he calls us and says come down. We go down and he has a cake! It was super good! Thursday we had a Zone meeting and then found a couple potential investigators. And then had a nice family home evening with a family that I love! We made French fries! They didn’t come out very well. And then while I was making them the Hermana hands me the dish that had the French fries and it was a metal plate that was right by the stove. When I touched it I burned myself. And then I dropped the plate and then I stepped bad and rolled my ankle. Haha! At least it still wasn’t my birthday haha. And then on Friday we had to wake up at 3 to go to the temple! We went and met in Escobar and then waited for a tour bus to pick us up and it was huge and comfy. Much better than those that we used with LIGHT haha! It was 2 stories also. We went to the temple! It was so special! It was something that I was really missing! It made me think about a lot of things! We got back about 7 and had another family home evening with another family after going out and looking for people with their son. Nobody came out. We ended up making French fries again! Haha! What happened was. I was making French fries but they weren’t coming out very well and I didn’t know why! And I was really frustrated! But they explained it to me. There are 2 types of potatoes. White and black. The black ones are cheaper so I would buy those. Apparently what happens is they will up with water and it makes them not good. So we used the white potatoes and they were so gooooood!!!! Haha! And I’m getting better at peeling! Haha! Then on Saturday and Sunday we watched the conference in Pilar! It was super cool that they spoke in their own languages this year. When it got to the Elders that spoke in Spanish (because it was translated in the TV that we were watching it on) we ran to the chapel to listen to it in Spanish in the native tongue! It was such a cool experience! I learned so much! Then it was raining the whole time and I didn’t have an umbrella or anything and so I got sick again! =/ oh well. Haha! Then we are at transfers. My comp thought that he was going to stay here. And when they told him he was leaving he got upset. Poor guy. But he is in Capital now. And now I’m with an elder from Panama Elder Montenegro! Im excited to get to know him and work with him! Well that was my week! I love you all! And I invite everyone to watch the Conference and rewatch it! It was so great! I was sick and I went and even though I was sick and didn’t feel good I never got sleepy and paid attention the whole time and learned so much! I love this Gospel and the Mission! And I love all of you! Have a great week!

 Studying with Birthday cake!! =D

 The family is MAtias and all of them. it was my birthday. I didnt get a good pictures. haha! 
 Watching Conference with all the Gringos. watching in English! 
Elder Sanderson! he is a BOSS!!!  
Selfie with president!  

 A Day at the Buenos Aires Temple
 Happy 21st Birthday Connor

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