Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 20, 2015 Elder Hansen's Birthday & Peruvian Dinner

Hey Yall! 

Alright! I’m trying to get this done early. We`ll see how it goes haha!
That’s super awesome! Sounds like you all had a great week! Makes me so happy to hear about stuff like that! Sorry mom that you are tired! Just think, it’s almost done! Summer break is almost here!!! =D

Well things are going really good here! On Monday we got treated to a Peruvian dinner by some members. It was a lot of fun and so tasty! Love it! On Wednesday I got the opportunity to do divisiones with Elder Sanderson! He is from my group (he goes home with me) and we have been together in a couple zones but we never really had the time to be together and get to know each other so that was fun! They have an investigator that is so close to getting baptized! We had some interesting experiences haha! Their area is so different from ours and so it was nice to see a little difference! Then in the night time we were together with some other elders because they live together 4 of them. So that was kind of fun! We bought pizza and went to bed! Well, on Thursday night, my comp got sick! In the night time he threw up 7 times, and so on Friday and Saturday we basically didn’t work because he was in bed all day asleep! Poor kid, but he is starting to feel better! On Saturday a family invited us to eat an asado and so we went over there and celebrated my comps birthday! That was a lot of fun! And it was nice because the dad is a ward missionary and so we helped build up the relationship and it’ll be easier to get him to come teach with us! They showed us their photos and I showed them all the ones I got! So that was a lot of fun!! Then on Sunday we had a miracle! It was ward conference. And we got in and they were talking about Joseph Smith and the restoration and I was just thinking, I wish our investigator was here, but we were thinking he wasn’t, after the meeting we stood up and saw that he was carefully cared for in the arms of a member! It was awesome! And so we went and said hi and took him to Gospel Principles! Then like 3 more investigators showed up! And so we had a really great day on Sunday with a lot to do and new people to meet! By the end I was really tired but it felt really good! The Lord is definitely blessing us at this time for the Work we are doing!

I love you all and I hope that everything is well! Have a great week!

We did divisions with the Zone leaders. I was with Elder Sanderson. We got here together and we leave together. Over the years i have gotten to know him well. He is a great elder and we had alot of fun! then we had an asado on saturday for my comps birthday. The herrera family. Thats the daughter. 

 They put cream on my comps nose and told him to lick it off. he gave it a good try hahaha! more division pictures. they live 4 elders in a department smaller than ours. I dont know how they do it. thats elder Sanderson. Haha! during studies. one of the other elders went out to the balcony to study for like 5 minutes. then when he came in, his comp went outside and did the same thing. and then i said. alright i call next. hahaha! it was a joke but i went outside. then the last one went out. haha! he was the smartest because he sat down, I didnt think about that haha! 

 For my comps birthday on monday, we went to eat peruvian food! soooo goood! Arroz Chaufa! haha!

Peruvian food!! thats  Maria! she is really cool! she made the cake and so thats why her tounge was blue hahah! And that sticker is from Boca. the best soccer team down here! haha! oh and the kid an the other sister is Silvia. She is the peruvian haha!  

My comp got sick and so after we ate the asado they made him lie down and get comfortable. haha! that is the view from where we ate the asado. and that is a member that is getting ready to go on a mission haha!  

 That is MAria. she made the cake. it says SWAGOUT HANSEN haha! 

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