Sunday, March 9, 2014

Feb 24, 2014 Activating the Inactive

In my letter to Connor this week, I told him about the Youth Cultural Celebration Super Saturday that they had.  Our youth were asked to leave their cell phones home because too many cell phones would clog the cell towers.  With over 12,000 people in one area, that is a problem and it would be an overload.  Well, Garrett decided that he would take his but just keep it on Airplane Mode. His leader  found out about it and took it away from him and kept it until that evening, then gave it to Mitchell.  Well, when Dad found out about it, he took the cell phone away from Garrett for 2 days for being disobedient.  We have taught our boys it is important to be obedient.  So this is what Connor is referring to at the beginning of his email.

Yes! I love that last part about Garrett! My favorite! well.. I dont have much time. Things were good this week! Not a whole lot happened but good things happened! We had 3 investigators at church and a really inactive family that we have been working with! It was really great to see them there! One of the investigators had told us before that he would go but he has never gone. Well when we stopped by his house on sunday morning. We rang the bell and he pokes his head out of the window and he is wearing a white shirt and tie! it made me so happy! and the other lady was just sitting there waiting for us with makeout on and her hair did, like she wass going on a speical event! It waas supèr cool and the ward accepted them and did whatever it took to make them feel comfortable! Both of them we met like 4 months ago, like my first week! So its been a struggle but finially they are progressing! Its so great! Nothing more than that to tell. It was a pretty normal week. We had exchanges and that day was pretty hard but i made it through. The members in the ward are getting excited to help with us they just kinda dont know what to do. they just know they are excited haha! There are some members that are hard that dont want to baptize people just to baptize that they want them to see like really progress and be converted before they are baptized. One member said, We arent going to work with these chicos because their dad is a Drunk and we will have to take them to church every week. We dont want that. And so that has really just been boiling inside me! He is denying their salvation just because he thinks that he´ll have to work a little harder or that maybe they will go inactive in the future. One thing the memebers need to know is that the Missionaries are here to teach the basics and get them baptized. it is the Wards job to teach them how to apply it to their lives and to help them grow their testimony. The ward has the bigger job here and thats why there isnt as much success as their should be. But oh well. Haha! I dont think i explained that very well... Anyways! Things are going good! I am happy and working hard! Sorry that you are sick. We have given alot of blessings these last couple days. Hermano Valente called us up one day and said that he couldnt give us lunch. And then we called later and found out he has been sick, like really sick! and so we went and stopped by. First thing he says is okay lets do this. Sits in the chair to get a blessing. Then after. He stuggles to pour us a glass of pepsi and says that he is going to go down and buy more pepsi. We tell him that we will do it. So we went and bought pepsi, and plums. Then he says. Gracias chicos. Im going to bed. and then heads to his room with us just sitting at his dinner table! super awkward! It really sucked seeing him like that! That guy has treatedme so well and is kinda like my dad here in Lugano! but well see what happens! Love ya! I already sent a email to brett, but send another happy birthday to Rebecca this weekend! Love you guys! chao!

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