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Feb 17, 2014 The Spirit of Baptism!

Hola! First off sorry about the mistypes. 1. Don’t have that much time. 2. The keyboards and the equipment here suck! It’s not like I’m typing on a new laptop. Sorry.

The weather here is temperamental. It´ll be a nice clear day and then 20 minutes later it is raining super hard. But for the most part it’s been cooling down. There was one day where it rained in the morning and then stopped. It was really clear and bright so I left my umbrella in the Pension. Then 2 hours later it started raining but really bad. And we were walking in the street, far from the Pension. So we ran to the closest member’s house and just kind of camped out there for a while. They commanded us to head straight home and end our day early. Haha. Well we can’t do that so we continued working and ever since then I haven’t really felt well. But I’m not letting it slow me down... okay maybe a little bit. Haha. I’ve had about 5 or 6 different members give me something for the cold and head aches, nothing has really helped- One member had me drink this honey lemon tea thing that was really gross. I didn’t want to drink it but he yelled! Haha. And then he gave me some pills- I drank them and took the pills (it was about 4 or 5 in the afternoon). He tells me after that these are going to make me drowsy and that we need to go straight to the pension to sleep... After I took them! Haha. Well. We couldn’t go straight to the Pension and I didn’t really want to. But I was really tired the rest of that day. Haha!

So we have some problems with Florencia. Her family is telling her things about the Church and so now she is afraid of us and doesn’t really talk to us. We saw her 2 times this weekend but she didn’t say anything to either of us. And before that we stopped by to see her and she was having some real problems. She is just super confused! She feels like it is all true and she knows it is something she needs to do. But she is confused by her family and what they are saying! So we will see what happens there. We are thinking about dropping her because she isn’t reading or praying and she missed 2 Sundays in a row. She came this week but did look at us. It’s just a really sad situation.

So the ward is getting super excited about Missionary work and we have some members that are just pumped to do it. Hermano Portillo. Set up a time to go out with us and Knock doors. They really want to find more people for the ward and more people out side of the Villa. So we are going to go out with 4 members on Saturday to split-up and start knocking doors and ya. It’s something strange in this mission but we are going to do it any way because the other members aren’t doing their part to talk to their neighbors and all that. Haha! But we will see what happens,

Also this week on Tuesday one of the kids in the ward left on his mission to Peru. They had a really big setting apart thing. It was huge. They basically had two whole wards there, (2 kids from different wards went)
IT was really cool. And a lot of nonmembers went. But it ran long and so we couldn’t stick around to talk to people.
On Saturday we had a Baptism for a family of the Ward. The Eca Family. They are a great family and they do so much for us. They wash our clothes free every week! It was a very stressful week for them but they made it through it. The baptism was great! We invited everyone. Only Florencia came, we were hoping her mom or cousin would come but they couldn’t. But that’s okay. We got to be the Witnesses for the baptism and when I saw her get baptized the Spirit hit me so hard. It wasn’t even like a calming feeling or something like that. It literally like hit me and my heart started beating fast and it was hard to talk. I was just smiling. Another Elder told me that he felt it too and he cried. It was so awesome! It would be so great to have seen an investigator get baptized but I’ve been to their house so many times it felt like family!

We were invited to the after party but it was at a place relatable to Chuck E Cheese and so we just stopped by because it was on the way to our next cita. And on Sunday we had a little birthday party with the Family and The Elders. It was nice. I was hoping for some good food but it was just the left overs, Ham and cheese sandwiches. Empanadas, chicken with mayo and lettuce little roll sandwich. Little pizzas and cake. So it wasn’t bad. Haha! They had this giant cake that looked like a BoM and had a Scripture written on it. The little Girl, Alisson Portillo that came to write the scripture accidently missed a line. It was the line that said, ¨´they cannot be saved in the kingdom of God´´ and she forgot the ´´cannot ´´ haha! It was funny. But good thing I caught the mess up. The family was great and they really love me. They said that I had to be the one to cut the cake and they kind of planned it all around me haha! But that’s cool! Also quick story. We were teaching an investigator that we have been teaching ever since before I got here... almost 6 months. And this week she tells us that she went to church with her uncle who is a member of the church and the Uncle had her baptized when she was 7, (well she said 7 but she is 35 now, so she probably meant 8). She said she remembers going to a river and being in white. And being dunked under water. Haha! So that was an interesting talk. Haha! So now we are working on getting her records.

But I’m doing well! And everyone is doing fine! We are working hard and are still in finding mode! So if you know anyone from Buenos Aires Argentina that lives in Villa Lugano, send down the Reference! Love ya! Be safe and have a good week!

 Weird Random parade in Chilavert
 Villa Lugano

 Baptism of Sol Eca! the daughter of a family in the ward!

 We had a birthday party for her with jius

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