Monday, March 17, 2014

Mar 17, 2014 Answer to a Prayer

Okay! Here we go!

First off thanks for the pictures! I really appreciate it and all that you do for me! I know sometimes I ask a little much! So things are good! The apartment is super small and there is only one wardrobe closet thing. And so I have all of my clothing in piles on the table. Haha! So ya. I’m being super organized but it’s good! Because things don’t get dirty or lost! Our Apartment is so dirty. It’s like no one has lived in here for years! But the other elders we just in here. They didn’t take care of anything! But yeah. So what happened was the branch president called the mission and asked for some elders that will really help the ward and Baptize! On Tuesday night we had a meeting with him and he told us all this. He said that missionary work is the number one priority. That if we are not hounding the members for references then we are doing something wrong. He said all he wants from us is to baptize! Haha. So I got really happy when he said all that! What a privilege! That the Lord sent me here as an answer to that prayer. SO the branch president told us to come by his house because his cousin was in town staying with him and his family and they aren’t members. Well we went by, the kids had already gone to church and we invited them to be baptized that Sunday. And so Claudio and Santiago Silvera were baptized yesterday!!! What a blessing that we received! We know just about nothing in the area but we already have 2 baptisms! So great! And the parents have to be married and they need to go to Uruguay to get married and so they have plans to fly there. Get married and fly back to move permanently and get baptized! They said they are looking for a change and they are ready to make this step! Super great! I’m just so excited for them! And if they get baptized I will be able to go to the temple with them in a year to see them sealed! It’s so great to see how the Lord blesses us when we do what is right!

So as far as Florencia. We had dropped her because she wasn’t progressing. She started progressing again but her parents weren’t helping at all. They didn’t want her going to church. It’s super sad and I’m sure this little girl is just confused lonely and depressed! But I can’t do anything now. Elder Allen didn’t want to pass by there anymore and now that I am gone I can’t do anything. So we just got to pray and hope for the best! God knows what he is doing and he will protect us always! I got to say good bye to almost everyone because I was sure that I was going to leave. Everyone was praying that I would stay. And well yeah. Haha. I called everyone Monday night when I found out I was leaving and some of the people started crying. It’s hard when you have been in an area for so long!

So as far as the area. It’s a pretty nice Branch. We have a small church building. There are about 300 members but the attendance was about 95 on Sunday. So we got some work to do. We share the church with another branch and their attendance is about 19. So at least we are doing better than them........haha. We are getting to know the area a little bit. And the members are really helping. The majority of the members are from here Argentina. And so we eat a lot of empanadas and pasta. On Saturday we got 100 pesos to go buy lunch because the Hermano had to go do something somewhere. And so we bought steak and made French fries! Haha! Super good! But the members wash our clothes and we have members to give us lunch everyday so that’s pretty cool! The ward is really good! And here to help out the missionaries.

I have seen so many changes in me during my mission and the one thing I realized is that this church is true! That I could never go to another church! I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and he loves all of you! He is helping me change and be better just like I
+ know he will do the same for you and the people that are in need around you! Look for them and pray for them! Be ready with the knowledge of the scriptures ready and God will use you as a tool to help other people. And you won’t even realize it! Be that difference! Help those people! And do what the Lord wants us to do! Which is Baptism! Whether it is baptism by water. Or baptism by bread and water! He is here for us and that is the way to be clean and ready to live with him again!

Love you be strong! Talk to you next week!

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