Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3, 2014 Lemonade Stand and Refrigerator Cooking

How fun! I’m glad you guys enjoyed the celebration and seeing the prophet! I had a pretty good week! On Monday was a birthday of a member that always helps us out! Her name is Alisson Portilo! She’s super cool. She has been a little sick so that stinks. But we had some food, listened to a little Devo type thing and then chilled. I made a cake! Well brownies. It was a little burnt but that’s okay. In the pension our oven is broken. We have to stand there and hold the button down or it turns off. So I decided let’s just put the fridge up to it! So we did that. And I realized that we had sometime so I hopped in the shower. Well I hear my companion screaming. I realized that I was in there too long. But it’s okay. We threw Dulce de Leche on it so it tasted fine!

Then on Thursday I got a haircut from the very girl who had her birthday. I was thinking Oh, she is a girl. And the clippers are easy to use. And she said she could do it. So I handed her the machine, and well it didn’t really feel like she was doing a good job. But yeah. Her family and her friend that was there said my hair looked good and they said it was done. And well I went to the mirror to look and it was... horrible. She left big clumps everywhere! I looked like a little kid that got a hold of some scissors. So I went and got the machine and tried to fix it a little in the bathroom. And then the next day my companion did the rest, now its fine, but it was bad, haha!  She was cutting it with the way it was going so it was more like she was combing my hair. Haha!

Then we had the birthday party of Elder Gines. We did a surprise party for him in the house of an investigator/less active couple- it was in the Villa, so kind of dangerous but nothing happened. We went and bought a cake and then took it over there and they had already eaten empanadas. And we knocked on the door with the cake and we ended up singing 3 times. When we opened the door. When the put candles on it. And then the Hermana pulled out another cake. Haha! It was funny but fun!! Haha!

Then On Friday morning. We went to play soccer at the Church. And on the way back there is always this dog that pokes its head out of the Gate and barks at us. Well this time he pokes his head far enough to bite my companion in the shoulder like bad. We went back to talk to the lady and the kid there. They were just like well this Dog is good. He doesn’t bite. This wasn’t him. Just be calm. It’s okay. I was just like whoa whoa whoa. Like he is bleeding. We don’t want to cause anything but this isn’t okay. Like you got to put a gate or do something. And the lady just yelled at me. I am 89 years old. And I yelled back. Cool. I’m 20, haha. But it has nothing to do with it. So we ended up just leaving and coming back to apologize and the lady didn’t even remember what happened haha!

Saturday we did a Lemonade stand with apple and orange juice, it was super cool. We ended up going out and talking to the people sitting in the plaza. So far we haven’t seen success from it because we met a lot of people outside of the area. But it was really fun and we gave out a bunch of fliers! We had a good amount of members there too! So it was fun and we just chilled and talked about the Gospel. I would say. Hey look there is a guy sitting alone and one Hermano said. Let’s go I can testify about the BoM. Haha! It was funny! And ya!

Cooking with the Fridge 

 So we had a Lemonade stand in the Plaza. It was really fun! but we had juice apple and orange. The juice wasn't that good haha !

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