Monday, March 17, 2014

Mar 11, 2014 Transferred to Grand Bourg

Well this week was an interesting one. Monday we went to a plaza called Rivadavia. It had like people selling stuff on blankets on the side of the street. And then the plaza was beautiful! We then went to Subway and ate sandwiches and went back to the area to work. All of Monday night I was on the Toilet and my companion let me sleep through studies. I thought I was fine and so I got up and we had to go do something and then went to lunch. It was a lunch that I was waiting for! I was super excited for it because the Hermana is from Peru! And so sick or not I was going to eat! We get there and it’s like beef and rice! But really good! When we got to the pension, I went to the bathroom and after that I just knew I was sick. I got in my bed and couldn’t get up. I was super hot and it hurt to walk. I still haven’t fully recovered. It’s hard because you can’t really take days off when you feel ...ok. But on Tuesday I was in bed all day. And wed, I had to go and do Tramites, which are like the paper work to get me legal here. So even though I was sick I had to go to the mission office which is hour and a half on the bus, then 45 minutes in train. Then from there to downtown, which is an hour by train. And then back to the mission office and then back to the area. And all this time waiting in a building like a DMV. And basically while I was traveling I was standing cramped in with a bunch of people. We left at 6am and got back at 7pm. It was horrible. But I don’t have to do it again for another year. And then from then on we were kind of just lost. We couldn’t really find new investigators and the members couldn’t help to go out with us! It was frustrating especially because if was already sick!

On Sunday Rene our investigator ended up walking to church on his own. The guy that usually passes by got held up with something. So that was pretty cool that he still came even though no one came for him! He is so ready to be baptized but he just says that he wants to wait a little bit more and get to know the church more. On Sunday night was the Despedida which is where the missionaries that are going home go up and share their testimonies and it’s a huge event that everyone goes to, so because everyone wants to go, there are rules. You have to take an investigator or you can’t go. And so after church we went looking for an investigator. Rene said that he could go but the other elders in Lugano 2 couldn’t find anyone and so I told Elder Soto that he can go and we did divisions. I stayed and worked in the Villa with Elder Gines. It was a lot of fun! We just went there and talked to people. I got to see a couple people that I knew that were less active that I had seen a couple time. So that was cool! It was really hard this weekend because I knew I was going to get transferred and after 4 months in one area, it was home. And everyone back at home knows how good my hugs are, and I tried to make my handshakes the same way... but it doesn’t quite work.

Now about Transfers... I got transferred to a place called Grand Bourg. Its in provincia or the country, it’s a lot different than Lugano and I’m going to be doing a lot of walking! But that’s ok. Also. We got white washed into the area. So we have been here a couple hours and know nothing. We haven’t started working yet but we will see what happens, we have a missionary meeting tonight so that will help to sit down with Ward mission leader. It took us about an hour to find the church building. Haha! Super funny. So we had the keys to our pension and the taxi guy just dropped us off. So we walk in and it leads to like a court yard with some doors. After like 10 minutes of trying to figure out which door is ours and which key. A guy opens the door and says the missionaries live above. And he points to a really sketchy stair case. So we go up and it just looks like a normal roof. We didn’t see an extra door or house. Finally after some searching we found a little shack. One room tucked in a corner on a roof. It’s kind of cool but small. And there’s not enough room for all of our stuff, so we will see what happens. I will be living out of my suit case for the next 6-12-18 weeks. Haha! So my companion is Elder Micanquer and he is from Columbia! He’s pretty cool but I don’t know that much yet!

Now as far as packages go. I haven’t heard anything about that we can’t send packages. On Wednesday I picked up a package for Elder Gines. I’m not sure if that helps at all. I’m super mad! The DVD player that we have right now doesn’t have a slot to put USB. And so I can’t listen to music or look at the pictures I’ve down loaded! I have to go look and buy some speakers. They said that they will reimburse me. So that’s good.

Anyways! Good luck in your samana! Love ya and hope everything is going well!

 Villa Lugano Sunset
 A Random, Mild Protest
 Elder Gines is Buff
 For pday we went to a plaza to buy stuff and site see.
 And Sunday we ate with Ward Mission leader and his family that came down from Paraguay. 
There was another baptism in the ward! but for the other elders.

 The Inside of my new Apartment with Elder Micanquer
A one room Apartment on top of a roof

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