Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dec 1, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey! Happy thanksgiving!
Well now we start December. 17 months since i have been a missionary and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are working here in Tortuguitas.

Well let’s see. On Tuesday it was kind of a crazy day. My comp thought that he needed to get his wisdom teeth out and so we went to the dentist and set it all up. When he got there he was going to just take out the top on because it was hurting him. Then when he got there the top 2 on bottom were hurting him. But the 2 on bottom were going to cost a lot more because with those he would need surgery. So he called the mission President and told us that one of the couple missionaries is a dentist. He asked that we take X rays and that we take them to him. So we took the x rays and we take them to the mission office. Now the dentist that we were at told us that we needed to take them out. But when we talked to the dentist in the mission he said that they didn’t need to come out and that he should be fine for the rest of his mission. But the x rays are pretty crazy! His teeth are literally sideways!!! Haha! But he said there shouldn’t be problems and the other dentist just wanted the money. So we wasted ALL day traveling and talking to dentists. I had fun because im still thinking about becoming a dentist and i got to ask a couple questions- Here in Argentina schooling is free. But i realized that if i did my schooling here i would just have to go back to the US and retake everything to be able to work in the US. And even if i have to pay, the schooling will be better in the US. But anyways that’s what we did on Tuesday. Wednesday we did divisions with Elder DaSilva and Elder Erickson. Elder Da Silva is from Cancun Mexico. And speaks fluent English. So it was fun talking to him and goofing around and stuff. Then on Thursday was thanksgiving! Our elder’s quorum president invited us to lunch. They made asado with meat, chicken and chorizo, with Potatoes and gravy, and carrots, and salad. It wasn’t very traditional. But it was okay :) they didn’t even have rolls!!! Haha! It was still good. Then we went to work and we got told by a member in a different ward to pass by his sister’s house that lives in our ward. We passed by and they explained something that is happening in their family that is kind of sad. The son in law was killed and they are looking for the body. And then for some reason the son is now threatening to kill the mom......... they had an undercover cop over there. It was a strange situation. But the night ended fine. We had Arroz Choafa and it was super good!!! =D

On Saturday it started raining really bad! It was flooded everywhere and we were like swimming through water and mud! It was horrible! I got out my waterproof boots and they filled up with water from above and the water stayed inside and made them really heavy. Haha! It was interesting day. And then it kept raining all Sunday and so no one made it to church! It was the lowest attendance we have had since I’ve been here! Horrible! but a less active came to church and we were talking to her about the temple and she got all excited about going and talked to the bishop about getting a temple recommend and everything! It brought me so much peace when i was teaching her that, that i was actually helping someone and if she makes it to the temple to do the work for her family than that would be just so many people that i helped by helping her get to church! =D I love the temple and the blessings that it gives to us!

So here in Tortuguitas we haven’t been having a lot of success. And i feel like we need to work with the members to help them understand the importance of missionary work! We are going to help them make a ward mission plan and to help the families make family mission plans. In the ward mission plan is a plan of what the ward is going to do in a certain amount of time. Like baptisms, activities, reactivations, family home evening, temple trips. And they are specific goals with specific dates. And we are applying this with the family to help them work harder in missionary work! The Bishop is really fun and is really great! We had a member come home from his mission in Peru! Should be a lot of fun to talk to him! Love you all! I’m grateful for you all and sorry there aren’t pictures. The computer isn’t working right. But I took a lot haha! Love you bye!

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