Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nov 10, 2014 Christmas Surprise!

Well this week went by sooooo fast! Things are going good. We are still looking for new investigators and a new apartment. We went to look for new apartment and we found one that we really like.  It’s close to the church and its got a cool roof that we can access! It’s right next to the train. Perfect. So we will see if we will be moving this week or no. I hope so because I like the new apartment and we have transfers the next week and I might be going. I think i will be going. But we will see! Haha.

We have found a lot of new people that want to hear the good tidings of the restored gospel! But unfortunately (like everyone) they have trouble getting to church! On Wednesday we held a ward activity! It was a karaoke night! It was really fun! A lot of members went! But even better a lot of youth went so the bishop was very content with the activity. We also are getting really excited about family history here! We started having meetings to talk about the family history and how we are going to do it with missionary work! It’s really cool! Makes me happy that a lot of my family history is done and so I can show people what its like and all that stuff!

Other than that there isn’t really much to report. The people we are finding aren’t really progressing. And so we keep looking! Keep working! But as for me I am doing great! Oh cool news! On Friday an apostle and 70 are going to come and speak to the mission! Super exciting! We don’t know which it is going to be but they are coming! And next week is transfers! Hopefully the Lord sends me to Capital! I hope so but we will see. I am willing to go where he wants me and work where he wants me! Love you all and hope everything is well!


So dad was opening the mail on Friday and he hand this to me. It was a check from Wells Fargo to me. Apparently they were charging me for a program that I hadn't signed up for so they reimbursed me. So I put it into your Bank of America account to pay it of and so you can buy a new camera. The money won't be available for a few days because they put a hold on it. So look for a camera this week and hopefully you'll be able to get it next week. The Lord blesses us in so many ways!!  What is the chance of this happening?  Merry early Christmas!!

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