Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tortuguitas Nov 3 & 7, 2014 New Apartment Short and Sweet

The first today! We came to Pilar to write and play soccer! We always take the train here! The other was a couple days back we were watching the Jose Smith movie at night before going to bed! There isn’t a whole lot of church movies we can watch but its still fun to watch them! I sent these so you can see my comp. But don’t put them on the blog. We both look really disgusting! Haha! This week I’ll send a better one to put on the blog!

Well things are going good here! Unfortunately our little family didn’t make it to church! So we are looking for new people to work with! People who are willing to go to church! This has been a crazy week! It has been Raining non stop! All week long! There are like rivers everywhere. Especially right in front of our apartment! Good things I bought my boots! They help so much!!!!!! But other than that there isn’t a whole lot going on! Wed we are going to do a karaoke night at church to invite new people to come and participate! And yesterday there was a ward baptism! An 8 year old girl got baptized by her dad. But I am doing well! Love you guys and sorry it’s short today but at least I got photos sent! Have a great week!

The bishop Soria. and ward mision leader Bro. Retamar 
Baptism of Zoe Carballo (ward baptism) 
 So on Thurs, Nov 7th I received some random pictures from Connor while I was at work.  I was very surprised but didn't complain.  They are pictures of a new apartment that Connor was making arrangements to move into.  It will take a few weeks to get all of the details worked out, but he excited because the apartment he is in currently is very small, has a terrible kitchen and bath and he is living out of his suitcases because they don't even have closets.

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