Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nov 17, 2014 Elder Christofferson Conference, Karaoke, Working Out

Hi! What’s up!

Well... It’s hot here! Im always thirsty. Well sorry. I didn’t see the time. Well things are going good! I am here again in Tortuguitas. I will be here for thanksgiving and Christmas! Whoo! My comp is Elder Santos from Brazil! Pretty cool! He has 1 year in the mission and is pretty awesome! We are excited to start working here and to baptize in Tortuguitas because there is a reason that the Lord kept me here! Well there isn’t much time left but i had a good week. And im doing well. We are going to be moving soon and on Saturday we got to listen to Elder Christofferson! It was really great! Love you bye!

Pictures of our karaoke activity. The youth did a dance! it was really cool and made me think about my old dancing days. It was a fun activity.

Living Young and wild and free! Look what plant we found! someone told us it was ilegal to we burned the evidence!! ;) haha but really one of our investigators tells us... thats my brothers plant and then i realized what it was. haha! I had to take a picture!  

 A member showing us the bird that she found that was wounded and are helping it learn to fly.
This is how i have to do exercise! because weights cost too much to buy and are a pain to carry around at transfers. 
Service activity. one kid is a member and the others are friends. one of them said they would go to church and so we are going to invite him to be baptized and invite his family also! Finding through serving!!! 

 Investigators playing around. Its getting hot here and so everyone is getting out their pools! The kid is the uncle of the little girl. and he threw her in the water ahahah! on friday we had the opportunity to listen to Elder D Todd Christofferson! It was a great experience. He served his mission in Argentina 50 years ago and then he has served alot in Mexico. so he speaks really good spanish. =D 

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