Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feb 10, 2014 Exchanges

Hola! So things are going good! Today we got to go to the Temple- It was really fun seeing a bunch of different elders especially in the Celestial Room! Way cool! It was really cool because it was all in Spanish and so cool to realize how much I actually do know!

Well fun things this week. We’ve been doing a lot of Exchanges. Because my companion is district leader we get to do exchanges with other Elders and the Zone leaders. The Elder that I get to go with is Elder Harrison Jone from Lindsey ward. So that was a fun surprise. I got to go to his Area and help him out. His area is just giant big buildings called Lugano 1 y 2. It is like a community all its own in there. People say it’s pretty dangerous but it seemed really cool to me. It’s a great place with a lot of potential but there aren’t many Members in there. So they are working basically alone. But they will have success. Then one of the Zone leaders came to my area to work with me., That was a hard day because I basically had to show off what I have and how I know the area and the language and all that. I could have done better but he just kind of took off and started talking with everyone! It was a very great day but I was really tired after! After that I feel like we should be running from Cita to cita like we were with him and all that, haha. I just feel like we aren’t doing enough but then I realized that not all the missionaries are the same and to not become someone fake. So I am working on changing myself and bettering myself everyday to have real change and real progression. But things are going good. This week was the birthday of a girl in the ward and I told her I would make her a cake and well... I made a cake. Haha! She really liked it and ended up sharing it with a bunch of people because people in the ward would walk up to me and tell me that my cake was really good. Haha! So yeah that was interesting! I still have the brownie mix from Christmas and so maybe I’ll make that for someone else. But yeah things are good. After the temple today we went to Burger King, I found Skittles and Oreos and Hershey’s Cookies and Cream chocolate. But spent 80 pesos on all that, which is about 10 bucks. Haha! But it’s okay! Today was a little weird. Glad that you guys are doing well and that you are all happy! Send my love to everyone! Mitch and the Novia (Novia is girlfriend in Spanish) and Garrett. And everyone! Love yall!
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I made a Cake for Lucero Angasplico! 

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