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Dec 30, 2013 Christmas Pictures

Okay short letter because a lot was said with the Pictures. So first off I am good. We lost power on Thursday and we were 2 days without power. But it’s okay because some people have been 10 or 15 days without power! Crazy! It’s been really hot but it’s okay. I’m still living haha! One night we decided to sleep on the roof! That was fun! It actually got a little cold that night. Then the power was back on. And we lost it again this morning. I was sweating all night and I couldn’t figure out why, then I realized the Fan was off and we had no power.

They are moving the other Missionaries out of our apartment so, Elder Estrada and I are going to have the Pension to ourselves! Whoo HOO! Love ya! Be safe traveling home! Bye bye!

All of the Missionaries from the BAN Mission.  Mission Christmas Party

 Mission Party

Party with the mission! They played a game where we all had a Present and read a story and whenever they read Right or left. We had to pass the present to the right or left. I won Pringles! which was the best. Other then the Skittles! 

 Christmas with Hamburgers and Martinellis type things and lays!

Yummy Dinner  
 Elder Olsen, Elder Atchley, Elder Hankins, and Elder Estrada...Christmas Dinner
Thank you for the Christmas Gifts.  Ties and PJ's  (It's too hot to wear the PJ's though) 
 Merry Christmas
 Elder Estrada
 Connor's View of Us on his Skype Call Christmas Day.

 There was a ton of fireworks on Christmas Eve
 So we have been having alot of Power outages, And it finally hit us. We were without power for two days. One of the nights we went up and slept  on the Roof! It was alot of fun!
 Studying on the Roof because it was too hot to be in the apartment.
 Slumber Party
 People get really mad and so their has been a lot of Protests and people like lighting fires in the street! Dont worry were all safe!
Fires in the Street from the power outages

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