Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jan 13, 2014 Cancelled Cita's Grrrr!

Very cool! Nice to hear everything is coming back to normal! Now I’m even more jealous that I’m not apart of the temple stuff! Well I got to see them put Moroni on so that’s pretty cool I guess! How fun that dad is back in scouts. He is good there. Here things have been pretty normal. We just been working really hard on improving ourselves and doing the right thing! Basically the whole time we have been here we have taught about 12 or 11 lessons a week. And this week we reached 22! Whoo! We were really happy about this! And we can just feel that the success is coming! Our like one main investigator a 12 year old girl named Florencia couldn’t come to church so we were bummed about that but that’s okay! She is awesome! She loves reading the Book of Mormon and is always excited to see us! And she went to Mutual this week and loved it. The Ward has really helped out with her by passing by to pick her up and take her places or join us in lessons. When we went to put her on date we had a young woman with us named Alison Portillo. And there was a time that she basically said Elders! Shut up. Its mine turn. And she bored her testimony! It was so awesome! The youth here is really strong! It’s great! We always have youth with us helping with the investigators!  We had another interesting Saturday of service. We went to help a family paint their store. It’s like a store that sells ham and salami and cheese and other stuff like that... a deli! Haha. But when we got there. They weren’t exactly ready.... haha. So we started to clean up a bit, and then they had us run some errands like grocery shopping haha. And then we just sat there while they worked and finally we asked them what was going on. And they said the mom was cooking and they are waiting for the paint which wasn’t there. Even though they told us before that they already had the paint. And so we had to tell them that we have to do it another day because we had citas. So that was interesting. Haha!

Friday was a big let down day.  For us it is hard to get set citas (appointments.) and on Friday we had the whole day with set citas.   6 or 7 lessons. And a lot of them with investigators which is really hard! So we went with our members like we are supposed to... and EVERY SINGLE CITA fell through. We had everything set up right and we had the members and everything but no one was home, only thing we had was Hermano Valente. It was a rough day. It was great because Florencia went to Mutual! But it was the pits. But it’s okay! We still continue working! Um what else... Not a whole lot... I am good! Things are good! I am learning a whole lot!  I am getting better at listening to the spirit and saying what needs to be said and not what I want to say, I really have a testimony that when we open our mouths the Lord will fill it with words! We were in a lesson yesterday with Matis Bogo. A youth that helps us out like everyday!  And we asked him to give the Scripture and he didn’t know what to share. Finally he just chose one. Out of random I think. And as I was reading along I didn’t really understand the scripture and neither did the Hermana we were teaching haha. But on the same page was the scripture 1 Nephi 11 11. I think. That says that the Holy Ghost will help with interpretations and we can under stand him as if he is a man standing right in front of us, it was really cool that I was guided to that because it really got the Hermana thinking! But I don’t have much more time! Love you all and hope you have a good week!

There is grafitti everywhere! this one was cool so we took a picture, I don't like this pic very much because I have gotten skinny but my clothes haven't and so I drown in my clothes everyday! haha! 
So the wall says..´´This is not a good bye , but a see you later and we know that you are going to be taking care of us because today you are an Angel that guides us from Heaven´´ 

 Hail and Rain
Me Cleaning!

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