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Jan 20, 2014 Preach My Gospel - Humility

Very cool! Well for starters on Monday we had a birthday party of one of the youth in our ward. He turned 17. He is really cool and helps us out a ton! The houses here are really small! And all of them! But that doesn’t stop anyone! We shoved a ton of people in one room about the size of 1.5 little TV rooms. It was a lot of fun! They had a ton of food also and an Xbox... we couldn’t play :(. Well the party started late and so we were asked to sing a song quickly, the 4 missionaries. And then we had to leave to get home on time. Tuesday I received my packages and letters from Grandma and Sister Morrison! I receive an apron with my name, a pillow case of the Cardinals a bunch of candy! Christmas socks and tie (a little late but that’s okay. I still wore them! ) A big Gracias to all that sent me letters they were really great and I really appreciate it!

So in the morning we have started waking up early to go to the church and play basketball. I have being doing running exercises and drills. I really want to lose this beer gut that I have. Sometimes it goes away for a little bit and I feel really skinny and then the next day I look at pictures and I look fat. Haha! But it’s okay. With time I will lose it! So one of the Elders we play with Elder Gines is super tall and already has a scholarship and a place on the team at Dixie College. And the other day he went up to dunk the ball, and well he dunked it. But he also broke the hoop. Haha! But yeah, it was really funny! Luckily we have two hoops! One day, on Saturday, We went to help out the family of our investigator Florencia. 12 year old girl that wants to be baptized this Sunday! So we went by the business to help out at 8 in the morning. We helped unload the truck. We put the fruit and vegetables up and out for display and cleaned up a little bit. What ever they asked. We really wanted to build the trust with the family and the parents.

On Wednesday. We took Florencia to a member’s house to have a lesson so we could feel the spirit a little stronger and everything. The lesson went really well. We taught the Gospel of Christ and why it is important that we are baptized. And she felt the spirit super strong" She cried and said that she can feel the change in her life. That she isn’t the same Florencia that she used to be and she can see the change in the parents also! It’s super awesome to see Experiences like this! And this Sunday she came to church again and so if everything goes well we will be having a baptism this Sunday! And we have transfers on Tuesday after! Talk about last minute! But it’s super awesome! Please pray as much as you can! Her name is Florencia Campos!

So on Wednesday we had District meeting. And the District leader asked me to prepare something about Humility. So we got to district meeting like normal. And one elder talked about the BOM and he was using an institute book or something like that. And the Zone leaders (oh yeah the zone leaders were there) stopped him and said. Hey I know these books are good and aren’t bad but can you please teach out of Preach my Gospel. And when he was done the district leader stopped and said I don’t feel good. Can we say a prayer and restart. So we prayed and he talked a little more and gave the rest of the time to me. I was lucky because everything I had prepared was straight out of PMG. Haha. And so it went really well. On Friday my district leader asked me how I feel about being senior companion this next transfer. And so yeah things are going pretty well-. Haha!

That’s about it! I have transfers next week so if wont be on until Tuesday! Love ya! Stay safe

 Victor Portillo's Birthday Party

 Victor's Parents
 Studying for District Meeting on Humility from Preach My Gospel

 We got Ice Cream! Man day! This is MAtis Bogo! He is aweosme

 Elder Estrada - Short Tie Day

 Alison and Victor Portillo! They are awesome! They help us out so much! And the Eca family!  They are helping us with Florencia! they take her to church and we have lessons in their house. And this is at the birthday party of the Hermana

Eating with Miguela on Sunday. She lives in the Villa. She is waiting to get married to a nonmember and after they get married he will get baptized. She is a member. But they live in the other area.

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