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Jan 6, 2014 Happy New Year's! 2014 6 MONTHS!

Wow! Sounds like you guys had a Great trip that’s awesome! I get super trunky when I think about Rexburg and Spencer starting and him moving into the IVY! Chavon! Haha. But that’s really cool! Glad to hear everything is going well! This week was an interesting one! Elder Hankins has a new companion.  His name is Elder Gines. He is awesome! He has the same amount of time that I have in the mission! But he just barely got to Argentina! He is really fun! He is from Saint George and waited for his visa in Colorado Denver. He’s really cool! For New years we visited a couple families for dinner or food! But again we didn’t have anyone to visit in the night time and so we spent the night in the Pension with the Other Elders. We could be out until 1030 but we got there like normal. We slept above again so we could see the Fireworks. And we bought those floating globes like that have in the movie Tangled. We had 4 of them but only one of them worked! It was really windy and so it was hard! But really fun! There was a ton of Fireworks more than Christmas, But during Christmas it was like long. So in New years there was a Ton of fireworks going at once! But only lasted for like 15 minutes. And Christmas was like constant for an hour an a half! It was fun!

So on Saturday a family was moving into the ward. They already come to church and so we already know them and so they moved into the towers in the 9th floor! So we got up on Saturday and went and helped them at 8. Our guy that cleans our clothing came and called us saying that he was ready to drop off the clothes and we weren’t in the pension and so we said we would pass by but we didn’t. And so I’ve been wearing the same garments since Friday. Well he came this morning and I changed but still haha! But we helped the family move in. Luckily there in elevators so that helped but they had one giant hutch thing that didn’t fit. And so we had 3 members and us two trying to fit it in up the stairs. The stair wells are really small! So it was difficult. I was trying to help but something like that is a team thing and I didn’t understand well so they just asked me to stay outta the way, haha! After that we changed and went looking for investigators. And couldn’t find anyone. Then we stopped by the house of the Bolivian’s that I’ve talked about. They are going to Bolivia for a month and we don’t think we’ll be here when they return and so we said good bye. I got to help cook a little Lunch. It was fun. Then we took pictures. And yeah. After that we had our actual lunch and so we had to go pick that up and we told the family we’d stop by to eat with them at 4 for helping them move. And we just stopped by had a little lesson and then they gave us the food to go. Then we stopped by Hermano Valente and he had started to make pancakes. He was all mad because he said that we said we would stop by earlier but we didn’t remember that, so we had to cancel the other appointment that we had. And he cooked up his ´´pancakes´´ while we went to the store looking for Dulce de Leche and chocolate syrup and other things to put on it. And when we got back there was crapes sitting on the table. It’s like... uhhhh... These aren’t pancakes! Yeah. They are basically the same! NO" haha. But its okay, they were really good! I just need to make some real pancakes now!

Okay. Now investigators. So for Sunday we had 5 people that said they would go to church! We were so excited! But on Sunday when we went looking for them they either didn’t answer or would send us a text that said. No elders I told you I’m busy. And so we were getting sad. But 2 of the people that work in our area said they would go but they hadn’t showed up at their business yet. Their family was there but we were waiting for the 2 little girls that are always there. So we got sad. Went to church. The classes are first and we went back and one of the girls was there! And she came to sacrament meeting with us! And she loved it! We gave her a book of Mormon and when we passed by later that day she was reading it. 3 chapters in! And she said she wants to go to church every week. And she asked if it was passible to read the book of Mormon in a week and if she could share it with her friends! Haha! Whoo! Her name is Florence, she is 12. And she lives out of our area but is always in our area. Everyday. All day! And so we are going to try and baptize her! But well see! As far as the others. We have found a couple but no one is progressing so we will have to see! =P

Also! Elder Hankins and Elder Gines moved out. And so me and Elder Estrada are alone in our Pension! I have a nice big grand desk and 2 big rooms! It’s great! So the computer is stupid so I can’t send pics but I will next week! Love ya! Be safe!

He surprised us with pictures after all...

 Floating Lanterns on New Years Eve
 Watching fireworks on the Roof.  New Years Eve
I See the Light....From the movie Tangled 
 Lunch with the Bolivians
Miriam and Silvia's Family 
The "Pancakes" were more like Crepes.  Now he wants to make Mom's Pancakes!

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