Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feb 3, 2014 Searching for Investigators

Hey everyone how’s it going! Well things have been going well. I am with Elder Allen from Modesto, California. He says he doesn’t know my cousins that live in Modesto. He is pretty cool. He has 3 months left in his mission. This transfer and one after. Things have been going well. We had a rough start at the beginning of the week because we basically had to drop most of our investigators. And so we’ve just been looking and searching for new investigators! Since I’m the one that ´´knows the area´´ it’s been really hard because I feel like I am alone. But I know I am not so whenever a thought came to my head I did it. No matter how strange or boring or far away it sounded. And we’ve found some people not much. We have decided that we want to clean up the list of members that we have so we have started looking for the less actives and working with them! We have already found 2 new people from this that were just in our way near a house of some people. Also we have gotten a lot of doors slammed in our face. One lady looked like we were going to set her on fire... ´´No NO NO! Vayan! Vayan!!!´´ (vayan is go away). So that was fun! We are still working hard with Florencia. We feel like we are getting close. Elder Allen wants to drop her because we don’t have permission to baptize her yet but I don’t care. I’m, still going to teach this girl and do whatever it takes for her! I really love this family! One member passed by to talk to the mom of Florencia and the mom said that now she wants to come to church and see what it is like and to meet the bishop and the members invited them to their daughters baptism on the 15 and Florencia said she wants to get baptized on the same day! How cool would that be! But we well see! Things are going well and the ward really loves us and that’s what I really care about is the strong relationship with the ward and missionaries. The references are going to start coming in fast! I can feel it! =D oh and something that I did not say is that Elder Allen is district leader. So that’s fun! Sorry. Computer doesn’t work so if can’t send pics! :(

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