Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16, 2015 Zombie Dog

Hi! What’s up ‘guys?
Well... There are pictures but.... my camera is kind of really broken! Haha! It still takes pictures. But I don’t know if it’s the computer that makes it that i can’t send them, or if it’s from my camera. Or if it’s just a bad day. But what ever.
Well things are going good here! On Saturday we moved to our new apartment. We really don’t like it! It’s horrible and doesn’t make sense that we are there. It’s really far. It’s dirty. And it doesn’t have things like a fridge, dressers, desks, oven stove, and mirror. And it’s really far! We have to leave a half an hour early to be able to make it home running home. But oh well! That’s part of the mission!
So we have been working hard! Another week we didn’t have investigators in the church and so we are still looking for someone who wants to progress!
We were in the house of a member and the daughter brought a friend home and we were talking with the friend and she seemed really nice. She was talking to us and everything. Now, the member’s daughter is in active. And so we have to activate the daughter and help her help her friend to get baptized! I’m excited she seemed really interested and the daughter got all excited about sharing the gospel but was kind of nervous. I think that is something that happens with us. We want to do things and we want to share but sometimes we just don’t know the way and we don’t want to be embarrassed! The best way is to live by example and when we are ready the Lord will give us the way to help, whether it be with the missionaries or some activity in the church. We just need to listen to the spirit and ACT!!!!!

Well the subject of this title is zombie dog. I will tell you why! When we were walking in our area we hear a sound in the high grass and when we look over we saw a zombie dog! But serious! It was a black dog that had gotten bitten badly in the ear, head religion and we could see its brain and everything! My comp got like really scared and started walking really fast! If we had a camera we would have taken a picture. Really funny!! But really sad at the same time = (

And no we don’t have bikes. And we don’t want to get bikes because the part we are at is a little dangerous and it’s worse with bikes. And it hasn’t been raining that much. Because it’s been raining in the night time, so that is nice. And how that works about someone who wants to get baptized with friends in another ward, they should get baptized in the ward that they live in so that they can make friends there that can visit them and someone shouldn’t get married for someone else. But if they are set on getting baptized in the other ward its fine you just have to have permission from the bishop and the mission pres. but they usually agree. If it’s a good reason.

Im so happy for everyone! Love you all! And have a great week! <3

Tell Jacob i say hi and to write me. I miss him.

For those of you who don’t know, Jacob marble comes home tomorrow

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