Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 10, 2015 Wings and Ribs

Well this has been a pretty great week! We have been cooking a lot and working a lot! We found a lady that is super awesome! She is super ready to hear the gospel and tomorrow we have a cita (lesson) with her! She has a friend that is a member and her friend has invited her to church and to activities. Gave her a BoM and sent us the ref! We got there and she was just like pass in! It was crazy! So we will see if she gets to church because she says she usually goes with her friend that lives like 20 minutes away! So we will see!
We are doing well! We had transfers and we both stayed! My comp was made district leader and pres told me he wanted me to be district leader but the difference is that my comp has more time in the mission. So maybe the next transfer I will be made DL but if not its okay, not that important to me! I know that im doing well and just because someone is a leader doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing the Lords work!
We are close to moving. It’s a little far where we will live but oh well. They basically said that it’s done and we can’t go back so oh well. Just a little annoyed because they had to call us and we were going to put the things how everyone wanted and they didn’t call us. They just did it their way! We aren’t going to complain because it’s already too late to do something but oh well.

Today we went to Hard Rock Cafe! It was awesome I got Ribs and they were sooooo good!!!! And I got a t shirt and i bought a calendar! ...ran out of money! Haha! But my parents are the best love them!!! =D

Oh! So the family that we live with like to do karaoke and one time I sang Waka Waka which is a Shakira song from the world cup. And they laughed really hard and so now my nick name is Waka Waka. They made me sing it yesterday again! Haha! Anyways!
We are good! Love you all! Be good and talk to you next week!

4 months!

So one day we , on Monday, we made homemade hot chicken wings! and then after that the word got out that we made them (because here they aren't popular. Especially the way we eat them). and so word got out to the members that we made them and then everyone wanted to eat them! so this week we made chicken wings 3 times! haha! It was a fun week, cooking and everything. We made a hot sauce and a teryaki sauce. But the hot sauce wasn't spicy at all. because here there isn't spicy sauce. And the spicy sauce that they say is spicy here is like ketchup. haha! but they came out good! I really liked the teryaki sauce! and it was really easy to make. we put soy sauce. garlic. pineapple juice. sugar and honey! sooooo good! =D 

The picture of the family is the Baez family. The little girl got baptized. it was a baptism of the ward. but still! 

Then that same girl(last night) she wanted to put fake nails on. and the glue that it came with didnt work good. and so she grabbed super glue and used that. and then 2 hours later she wanted to take them off and she couldnt get them off! haha! all night long she had her fingers in hot water, slowing taking them off! 

We went to Hard Rock Cafe! I got ribs! they were really good! I also ate the bbq! soooo goood! I say that because the bbq sauce here in Argentina is horrible! so I paid extra to eat good bbq sauce! I bought a Hard rock T shirt for $330 pesos. which is like 35 dollars. kinda alot but oh well! it was fun! They had mates that says Hard Rock Buenos Aires. I thought about buying one. but I didnt haha! 

Looks Yummy!!!

it was small! haha!

180 pesos for the ribs.

That's not bad for a rack of ribs!

yeah but it was small! 

That's ok one time in almost 2 years. It's ok to splurge. What did your companion have?

Brisket. it was a little cheaper. but he bought a drink. i didnt buy a drink. it was 55 pesos for a cup and a half of pepsi. no refills. (well 38 for the first cup and then the refill was 17 and it was like half the size). I drank tap water. haha! 

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