Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 2, 2015 Sometimes You Have to Rest-Sickness

Well this week was very interesting!
Now that im thinking about it, at the beginning of the week i didn’t feel very good! And then on Thursday I and my comp both got sick! Fevers, and diarrhea! We were in our beds for 2 days and then we went and camped out in the house of a member the other day because he invited us over! It was horrible! We hadn’t eaten anything to strange or out of the ordinary. And so we aren’t sure what it was that made us so sick. But i think we are getting out of it!

On Friday we had interviews with President and we called him up and told him that we were sick and everything and he told us that we should stay in bed and to get better. So we skipped interviews and we will go tomorrow. But that day the other elders brought us our mail! I got the pictures and the cards! They were great! Love um! I got pictures at grandpa’s party and a lot of Taymar, and spencer’s wedding announcement. I got birthday cards, and Christmas cards. Haha! It was really nice.

Well there isn’t a whole lot going on because we have been sick but we are doing well and now we are feeling better. ...I keep forgetting what im going to put....  anyways, we are still dealing with the apartment situation. It’s a very strange situation. The mission wants us to leave but the owners don’t want us to leave. And i don’t want to pack again... haha! But ya, id like to stay because it’s a nice place. And so tomorrow in the interviews with president we are going to ask him why they want us out so bad and stuff.
But we are doing well. And transfers are next week so ill be on on Tuesday! =D

Well love you and good luck Lauren with your house!

Tell Sister Lyons thanks for the Card! =D (I think it was Sis Lyons)

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