Tuesday, February 17, 2015

January 26, 2015 Making Doughnuts

Well the computer now isn’t working right. But I will tell you just a little and I hope it gets to you.

This week we have been working hard. We found a family that is really great! They are a friend of some members and they went to the open house we had! They didn’t make it to church but we found their house and they are very interested in the church. So we will see what happens there! We have been growing the relationship with the members and even the owner of our pension went to church this week! And he hasn’t gone to church in over a year! =D so we are pretty happy about that!

We made some doughnuts here and it was a lot of fun! But it takes a long time! We had to make them at night and then fry them in the morning! But it was worth it! But now we are going to do them again and they are going to taste better! Also this week we made homemade popcorn and milanesa with members! Yesterday we ate 3 times it was crazy but it was a good day,

I have been feeling a little sick. My comp says its sinus pressure. I have a head ache, my ears, teeth, and nose hurt. And I just don’t feel like doing anything! But we keep going!

Today we went and played soccer in like a really nice field. It was a turf field. It was pretty cool .But it’s really hot here! I think today is the hottest day of the summer so far!

Well. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

And we cleaned our room! =D 
We made doughnuts and gave them to some members! They came out good... but someone forgot to put the salt and sugar in. And so it was a little strange! But its okay! It was a lot of fun! and they members appreciated it! 

 Elder Walton making Doughnuts
 Connor doing Grandma Joyce proud!

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