Tuesday, February 17, 2015

January 12, 2015 The Work Goes On

Well... Time just flies so fast! There is just no time to write. Well. Things are going really good! It’s kind of sad here because the members need a lot of work. Families that are members that should be active there is like 150. But only about 60 go to church. There are a lot that live all of what is the religion the only thing is that they don’t go to church. Why..? Que se yo (popular argentine phrase) but we are trying to help these people the importance of going to church. So it’s kind of hard to find new people to teach when the members are so focused on their own problems and fixing the members. They don’t have a spirit of Missionary work! But oh well. We are working! This weekend we are going to have 2 activities. A youth dinner so that the youth can raise money for EFY. And then an open house in the church building. It’s going to be a great weekend! Many ways to find new people to teach and help the members get more excited about the work!

This week was cool because a kid that served in this mission came back and spent some time with us. He is from Mesa. Hayden Smith. Really cool kid. And so with my comp that is ending his mission soon and with the RM, we have been talking about home a lot! Haha! We were talking about hot wings in the house of the owners of our house and they were like, why don’t you take advantage of being here and eating the food here and then after you will have all the time to eat American food. Haha! We said he was right... and then today we went to Wendy’s. Hahahahaha! But even then it wasn’t that good here and it was expensive. But oh well.

Well we have been working really hard. We found an investigator that accepted baptismal date and everything and then they were going to make us dinner tonight and everything. But they didn’t go to church and then sent a text saying they couldn’t go and then canceled the dinner. So we will be passing by later. Not really sure what happened.... oh well! Well. I love you guys a bunch! And send love to everyone especially Uncle Lowell’s family!

Lately I have been studying the stories of the conversion of our fore fathers... I don’t remember the word for it... ancestors. Haha! There it is. It’s really cool! I am really liking family history. Getting to know the stories and everything. I don’t remember everything, but one of our ancestors has a story and it says that 2 years after her first baptism, she got baptized again, and then she got pregnant, and then it says that its family rumor that the father was one of the missionaries. Hahahaha! Super funny! Horrible! But funny! Well. I love you all and I'm glad that everyone is good! Talk to you next week! :-*

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