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Dec 30, 2014 Christmas and Wanda & Nico's Baptism

Well I already sent the pictures that basically describes everything that we did this week! It was a great week! We finally got two baptisms! But now i got white washed and I am here in la CabaƱa- which is really close. They say that there is a bad relationship with the members and missionaries and so we are going to have to change that and work really hard! My comp is Elder Walton. Gringo. And he has 3 transfers left on his mission. He thinks that he will end here! Well see. Well things are going well. It’s really hot! And it’s really humid. It’s like a weird hot. Like it doesn’t feel hot. It just feels really heavy and I'm always sweating! Well the comp that I'm at right now has put a virus on my flash drive. And i lost all the pictures that were on there. And so now I have to go all the way back through the emails looking for all the photos I’ve received. Luckily a lot of them are on my hard drive! I hate Argentine computers!!!!!  Well things are going good! And i love you all! <3

In Latin America they celebrate Christmas on the 24th at night.
We had dinner with the Cruz family!
Asado, chicken, chorizo, pork, rice potato salad, and coke!! =D it was really good! 

The nativity that I bought for mom. 
 Christmas party with President

 They play Pass the Present.  Each Missionary was giving a Present.  A story was read and they had to pass the present to the left when "left" was read in the story and to the right when "right" was read.  They all loved it.
 Pres. and Sis. Arye, his mission President
 Well. We had to be in the pension (apartment) at 1030 on Christmas. And at midnight the light off a bunch of fireworks. So we got home and i was on Moroni 8. And so I finished the book of Mormon and stayed up to watch the fireworks. We had bought cider. Haha! But here it’s all alcohol. And so we bought the stuff for kids. And it was horrible haha! My comp says I just want a little. But oh well. Haha! And then we lit off floating lanterns. We had 4 in total. 2 with the Cruz family. And 2 at home. The last one like didn’t go very well. It went down a little at first then raised up a little and then fell to the floor. Well it was sitting down in the street and some kid comes driving up and grabs it, throws it in his car, and takes off with our lantern haha! It was really strange

 Christmas day was our pday and so we went and played soccer. Well it was weird because we were playing on buying something to eat after playing and well... nothing was open... NOTHING. And so we started to call members asking if we could eat with them... well everyone already had plans. And so we went to the house and rested for a bit and then at 5 we went to the house of the family we were going to call. They got mad at us that we didn’t call them for lunch. Haha! But the Hermana made food and it was good! =D

Oh and then we made ham and cheese empanadas. At first we fried them. And they weren’t that good. Then we found out that you aren’t supposed to fry them so then we put the other batch in the oven and these came out so much better!! 

 We had two baptisms on Sunday!
Well. Starting with Saturday we had the interviews! The one with Wanda went very well. They finished really fast. And then we planned to go fix my bike. And so DL and my comp went in bus to go see Nico. And me and Elder Erickson (from Gilbert, went to highland) went to the bike shop. Well we got everything fixed and we had time so we bought panchos. (Pancho is a hot dog). Then my comp called and said they couldn’t find Nico. And so we went to the girlfriends house and they were there, just about to leave, but we got um and everything went fine with the interview. Then on Sunday everyone went to church and got there early! We were so happy! And ya! 
 Nicolas Guillermo Mansilla
Wanda Sofia Guerrero. 

I baptized Wanda and a kid that is not sure if he wants to go on the mission baptized Nico. We are encouraging him to go on the mission! =D 

 The girl in the like orangish dress is the girlfriend. And the other girl is the cousin of the girlfriend and we have been working with her because she’s less active!

 The birthday of the daughter of a member.

And then we had a family home evening with a member family and our convert and the mom that is coming back to the church! =D it was a nice night! =D we got back late that night and I got yelled at... jk. I didn’t yell but he was disappointed in us. Haha! 

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