Tuesday, February 17, 2015

January 19, 2015 Service and Open House

Well this was a very interesting week!
On Tuesday we had divisiones! I got to go to Jose C Paz. It is a very big area and we took a lot of buses! They also are having problems finding people to teach. We looked and talked to a bunch of people but we didn’t find anyone. We stopped by a member’s house and there is a 19 year old girl that is studying dentistry. And so we started talking to them about that because that’s what I want to do and also the elder I was with. Elder Gallup from Idaho. He also went to BYUI before the mission so we had a lot of things to talk about!
Then as we were going to the pension we were looking for something to eat because they literally didn’t have any food in the pension. And they didn’t have the number of a delivery service. Well we were late and so we just went the night without eating, and then in the morning we went early to go eat something. I had a sandwich of milanesa! Really good! I love it! And fries. Then when I got with my comp, he tells me that we didn’t have lunch that day, so we took advantage to cook, I bought a steak but it was really expensive. He charged me 80 pesos a kilo. And everywhere else it’s like 50 or less. But oh well. We went home and I cooked. It was good! Then while we were working we stopped by a member’s house and they gave us pizza or something I don’t remember. But I remember that we ate a boa load and I felt horrible haha!
Also this week we had to go look at the pension that they want us to move to. It was really far and it’s in the area Grand Bourg. We took advantage and we went and saw some members over there! Haha! But it was a huge chunk of our day traveling just to see the pension and then we had to get the contract but we couldn’t get it out and then we called the secretary to tell them we don’t want to move there and then they started calling us liars and it was a huge mess. And so we called president and he helped us! Now we have to go look for another pension that is closer. And safer. Because I think that no one wants us to go to an area that’s dangerous! Haha!

We also did a service activity helping a Hermana take out a tree in her front yard. And that was fun! Oh also my camera is broken. It still works, it’s just the screen that is broken. I don’t know how. It was in my bag and then I left my bag in the house of a member and then when I went by to go get the bag, my camera was broken. And so I’m not sure at what point it got broken but oh well... it’ll work for the next 5 months (yes I know its 5 months, 20 weeks, 150 day, give or take I’m not trunky).

Then on Friday we have the activity of the youth. It went good. It started like at 9 so we didn’t see anything but they said only like 20 people went... it was less then they needed (because it rained) but oh well.. They are in EFY right now. Then on Saturday we were all day in the church doing a Capilla Abierta. Open house. And it was really fun! 80 people went. 26 that aren’t members. There were two sister missionaries from Honduras. Spencer wants me to get married with a girl from Honduras because he went on his mission there and he married someone from my mission. I was going to take a picture with the two sisters but I forgot and they left. Oh well. Haha! We spent most of the time in the street inviting people in. it was hard because there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic in front of the church. It’s on a really busy road but it’s behind a soccer field and so you can’t see it from the street. And the only people that pass by are people taking the bus who already have a destination planned. But oh well it was a lot of fun!

On Sunday no one from the open house went and we had an attendance really small. 42. And there should be at least 100. Or 80. And so there needs to be a lot of changes here in the CabaƱa., So we are working hard. We haven’t had any investigators but we are working and doing what we can! I heard today that my most recent convert from Tortuguitas (Wanda) has been inviting her friends to church and their parents too and they are having a lot of success over there! Makes me so happy! =D

Well im doing great! We are working and we are having fun! The area is really small and a lot of people have already talked to the missionaries but we still invite everyone and that is what is important! I love the scripture in D and C 123 the last scripture! I haven’t read it in English but im sure it says the same thing! Read it! It’s great! We need to do our part, it doesn’t matter what the others do. We need to go to church, read the scriptures, pray, fast, go to the temple, invite people to church, fulfill our calling and be Christ’s disciples and if we do it we will have a surety that we will be saved! I love you all have a great week! Sorry no pictures. There isn’t time...and there isn’t much pictures haha!

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