Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 24, 2015 Transferred to the Capital. Villa Crespo with Elder Hansen

Hey yall
Well another transfer day has come and gone!
I have been transferred to an area called Villa Crespo. It is in the big city right in the middle of everything! It is exactly what i was asking for so i hope i will be able to take advantage while i am here! My comp is Elder Jacob Hansen from Saratoga Springs in Utah. He was been in the mission field 3 months, just got out of his training. But he seems like a great kid and speaks really good Spanish. So far we have gotten along and he has just said that we don’t want to have any problems and that we will have a great transfer so im really excited to work with him! So far we have gotten along!

Well in the last week it went by really fast. I can’t even believe the transfer is already over. Well we did a lot of good things in the last week. But the things i remember most were on Wednesday was the birthday of a couple members and so we made a couple cakes. My comp made a lemon pie and he made a cake out of crepes. By putting down a crepe, then peaches and Dulce de Leche, then a crepe and cream, and layer upon layer. And then covered it all in Chocolate. Haha! It was really good. and i actually  ate the lemon pie (i say that because i don’t really like pie). But i tried it. You should be proud. And then i made brownies because that’s what the member asked for. I just made the brownies in the house of a member... but our oven wasn’t working and so my comp made his own oven using pans on the stove and stuff. Not exactly sure how he did it but it worked. Also we found a new investigator named Elias. he lives in a different ward but we wants to stay there in our ward and so we passed the reference on and let him try out where he should go and he didn’t like it and so the elders now have someone progressing in our ward he is a great man who is very deep. He likes thinking about things deeply and just trying to have a good conversation that makes we walk away edified. And not just random talking.

On Saturday there was a ward baptism, a little girl that we taught a couple of times and i got to be the witness in the baptism so that was cool. And they invited us to eat after wards=D and then on Sunday we had an asado with the Monson family and with a couple less actives that we are trying to help reactivate! And the Monson family recently had their first granddaughter born and so we got to meet the little baby! So beautiful, born on Monday, so a week ago! Then yesterday we had a stake activity at the house of the stake president. He has a really big yard with a pool. We played soccer and there was mate and the missionaries ate choripan. And we got the new shirts we paid for (oh i also went and bought a new pair of shorts to wear to the activity. like 10 bucks) and we got to meet a couple of people from the stake! It was a lot of fun and it was hard because it was far away, 2 hours traveling. So we didn’t have time to work. But i did get my ties cleaned so that’s good. A Hermana offered to wash my ties. Oh and the best part about the activity is that we played volleyball. And the Bishop and his wife love volleyball. And so they got out the ball and we started playing! So much fun! We played against Elder Jones that went to Gilbert High. And so we had a little rivalry going on haha! But in the end we won (i don’t care what they say. haha) I love you all and mom thanks for the package i hope that i get it soon and that i can start taking pictures! Love you and have a great week1!!
Asado at the Monson's after the baptism
 Zone T-shirts

 So we were in SLC with our family for Spring Break and we were walking around Temple Square and all of a sudden we get a snapchat from Connor.  Oh my goodness.  I was totally surprised!  Come to find out he was showing Jose Luis how to use Snapchat so he sent us a couple.  Connor was obsessed with Snapchat before he left on his mission and I knew that that would be one thing he would really miss.  I'm totally surprised that it too him 21 months to finally send us a Snapchat.  It was fun to get them, but then we snapped one more and said goodbye and he was gone.  I sure do love this boy!!!

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