Thursday, April 2, 2015

March 31, 2015 Bday Present delivered by Elder Moss

Great Story....This boy LOVES his MOM!

So I work at the local High School and I am lucky enough to be able to come home every day during my lunch.  Well, on Tues, March 31, 2015, the day after my 50th birthday, my husband and I were eating lunch and the doorbell rang.  My husband answers it and it was a couple that I didn't recognize.  I walked to the door and my husband invited them in.  The young man introduces himself as Jake Moss and he was a missionary that served in the same mission with Connor.  Then he said it's your birthday, right.  And I relied, Well yesterday was.  He then said he had just returned home from his mission on Thurs and that he had a birthday present for me from Connor.  I didn't believe him at first.  I looked at the lady that was standing next to him and she nodded to confirm what he was saying was true.  He handed me the gift and I immediately recognized the name on the bag.  It was a small white, plastic bag and it had the "Havanna" cookie logo on it.  (Connor loves Havanna cookies and talked a lot about them so I researched them out so that's how I knew about the Logo).  I took out the contents of the bag and yes, there was a box of Havanna Cookies, (2 shortbread cookies with dulce de leche in the middle dipped in chocolate.  Connor likes the White Chocolate ones of course).  There was also 2 pictures, one of him with a note to me for my birthday and a picture of a poster that he made and sent to use.  On the back of the other picture was a note to his 2 youngest brothers wishing them both a happy birthday, also as their birthdays are the 21st and 26th.  Of course the tears began to flow as did everyone else.  I looked at the women and she stuck our her hand and said, I am Sharon Moss, Jake's mother.  WOW.  They had just been out running errands and decided to stop by then.  What a tender mercy! I am home only for about 40mins and they just happened to catch me when I had just gotten home. We talked a little bit about the mission and a couple of experiences.  I told him that Connor got transferred to the Capital and that he was really happy about that.  Elder Moss said that connor's last area was really challenging and this transfer would be good for him.  They never were companions, but they served a lot together.  He lives on the Gilbert/Queen Creek border, he went to Perry High, and they knew a lot of the same people.  We talked about the Jones twins and how great that was that they got to met up in Argentina and then fly home together.  We took a picture and they went on their way.  He had already given his homecoming or we would have for sure gone to that.  What a small world it is in the church and we are blessed in so many ways!!!

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