Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Feb 23, 2015 New Pension in Cabana

Hey yall!
Well things are going good here! We have gotten used to the new apartment! I was going to send pics but its just not working! Oh well!
Well we have been working really hard just trying to get the ward very animated and excited to do missionary work. We finally got the bishop thinking about getting us a ward mission leader!
Other than that it’s been a pretty chill week! There was a holiday this week but we almost didn’t see any of it. Its carnival, usually they throw water, eggs, everything at each other and especially at the missionaries and just celebrate having fun. But we are in a very cool area. no pasa nada. Not even with the members so that’s cool. We did hear every night loud band music outside of our apartment every night. The other night i went and looked outside and there was a lot of people dressed up and with band instruments and everything. They were getting ready!

With my comp things are going good! We already got fridge and stove and everything. We are just missing a mirror and gas tank. So we can’t cook anything yet haha! And im pretty sure i leave everyday with my hair looking horrible! But oh well that’s life! Haha! We are doing good and we are working hard! Love you! Bye!

New Pension
Moving in to the new Pension 
 He got a fridge since this picture was taken
The Bano 
 Two thumbs up
Love the Green 
 The Zone playing soccer
It rained really hard 
Elder Walton 
 Connoer;s Cheesy Smile
 Captain Moroni's Flag
 His Arizona Flag
A Friend from Grand Bourg
 Waiting for Interviews
 They get really bad service in the apartment, so Elder Walton put his head out the window searching for service

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