Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2, 2015 Wings & Chinese

Hey mom! Sorry! Im really late! Just sending my love! I am doing well! We are working hard! Basically the pictures tell you better our week than I can! We had an investigator in the church! It was awesome! We are going to try to baptize her in the weeks that our coming! That’s really cool about the missionary fast! I really like that idea and im so happy that you are having success with convert baptisms!!! And yes send the camera with the Damitz! They are awesome! And other things if you want haha! =D next week I promise I will write better! And Tara goes home next transfer. In May! Haha

We went and made Chicken wings with a member. His name is Jose Luis! He is really awesome! He always invites us to his house and gives us food and everything! He had a stroke also. He lives alone and he is kind of sick and so he is really bored a lot! We introduced him to Netflix and he loves it haha!

We pushed really hard to have an activity and we ended up just doing one and we ended up buying the chorizo ourselves and everything. But it’s okay. It was a lot of fun and a lot of youth went. They played Futbol and we made choripan. It was a great activity and a lot of those youth went to church the next day that usually don’t go!

And this is Nanci she is really awesome! She always invites us over to make us food! Haha!

This is Nanci. We made crapes in her house! My comp made crapes with ham and cheese! They were really good actually! Just so you know I wasn’t drinking mate! Haha! But i always make mate. Haha!

Today we went to China Town! I bought sweet and sour chicken! Haha! It was really good to eat Chinese food again! Haha! =D  The restaurant was dragon PorteƱo! Hahaha! We didn’t know where to eat and I said I liked the name so we went there! Haha! It was good. Not Yokos but oh well! Haha!

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