Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 6, 2015 The Package and General Conference

So I don’t have much time again! Im so sorry. Next week I promise, today was just a strange day and I’m tired and didn’t have that much energy! So much stuff to do!

Anyways! I had a great week this week! We are just working real hard! It’s really strange, all week I think of stuff that I can tell you and I get here and I just completely forget. I’m going to start writing them down so that I don’t forget! Anyways. This was a really crazy week! On Tuesday we didn’t have any meetings. On Wednesday we had weekly planning. On Thursday we had interviews with President. Friday we had zone meeting. Sat and Sunday we had conference! And so all week we were just traveling! It was crazy! So on Thursday they brought me my package! I was so excited haha! They had put the box under the bench and so I thought that they didn’t bring it but I found it! I ripped it open and started giving stuff away! So far I think I have shared everything but the hot sauce and I only gave away 5 Ghirardelli chocolate. 3 to 3 sisters and 2 to my comp. Those are harder to give away! I brought a bunch of stuff to conference and just started taking everything out there. Its nice to share haha! I also got the package from Tara so thank you Tara it was a lot of fun stuff. And thanks mom for opening up Tara package before sending...... Well conference was great and there was a lot of cool experiences. An investigator named Alejandro from Ecuador came with us! We will see if we can baptize him! Well I’m outta time! Love you Chau!

Subway between General Conference 
New Companion Elder Hansen 
 Homemade Pancakes.  Thanks for teaching me how to make Pancakes Mom
 Plate full of Pancakes....Nice serving platter
 Elder Hansen enjoying Pancakes
Elder Hansen 
Investigator at General Conference...We'll see if we will baptize hime 
Still at Subway 
Zone at General Conference 
 Zone at General Conference
Elder Hansen and Elder Olsen 
Elder Santos (he was one of Connor's comp now is ZL) and another Elder 
 Elder Olsen and ?
 Connor LOVES BBQ sauce and he finally found some in the Capital.  He loves making homemade french fries, too
 He bought a Boca Soccer Jersey.  They are the best soccer team in Argentina
 I ate patacon which is a Colombian dish.

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