Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 16, 2015 He really got Robbed this time

Hello People of the world
Well the weeks are just going by faster and faster! This week we had the goal of 20 lessons with a member present. And so we were working really hard with the members and trying to find someone to take to church and to have it come from the members. Because that is where the real success lies. And so we worked really hard. The zone leaders had given us ideas of doing random contacts in the street but we don’t work that way. They just wanted to see our numbers, but we want solid results from the numbers! But we worked hard with the leaders to know who needs our help and at the end of the week we ended up with 21 lessons!!! Whooo! And we had an investigator in church. He was a friend of a member, but he doesn’t live in our area. We taught him what we could and now we got to send the referral so that he can get baptized where he should! But it was a great experience to see the members working and inviting their friends. On Saturday we will have a baptism but another 8 year old girl from the ward. And then on Monday we are going to have a missionary activity. It’s going to be in the house of the stake pres. and he has a nice house. And it’ll be like a water activity with water balloon volleyball and a pool and stuff, it will be great!

News from this week. And i start by saying i am fine and i still have everything. On Friday we almost got robbed. It was a day that i randomly had taken out my hard drive and we were getting ready to go home but we were walking to one last house. It was like 730 at night and this guy got close to us and said something. I didn’t hear him but we didn’t stop walking. And he said give me your money and cell phone. And i was just playing dumb, saying i couldn’t hear him and that i couldn’t understand him haha! And then i ended up pushing him into a trash collector (seeing that he didn’t have any weapons) and i just kept walking. And then he got a hold of my comps bag, (that only has his scriptures) but it just broke the bag. We didn’t lose anything. And then we got inside the house of a member and got home safely, haha! It was a fun experience!

Well I was planning on writing more but really nothing happened this week! I bought cards and we played a little and then there is the snap chat thing, haha! Well. I am getting to the point where im just ready to get home! I love the mission and everything but its just time to reach the end. Im missing America! Haha! But im trying to take advantage of the time that i have left in Argentina and thinking of the things that i want to take with me to remember this beautiful land and these beautiful people! I love you so much and im so grateful for everything you do for me!! =D I already told him but im going to put a shout out to Mitchell! He turns 18 on Saturday! I can’t believe he'll be 18! Where does the time go! Love you all! UN beso!

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