Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 9, 2015 He got a CAT


Well I feel bad because these last couple weeks I’ve been really bad about writing the Letter and so I’m doing it now early so I get it off good.
So things have been going pretty good here in the Cabaña! We have been working really hard! Just looking for people to teach. So Daniela who went to church last week, we passed by with her and we tried talking to her about Baptism. But she has a lot of problems with her husband. They are separated, and he is into drugs and alcohol and all that stuff and she just isn’t focused on the spirit or about being baptized. She wants him to return and that they get baptized together. And she said she kind of wants to wait like 10 years to get baptized. Haha! Crazy. So we had to drop her and to move on and look for more people.
On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. That was cool. Here they are talking a lot about being multidimensional. Which means like talking to all kinds of people. And to not just end with the one people we talk to. For example, we go to a member and ask for a referral (1st dimension) then we go to the referral (2nd dimension) there we invite everyone in the house to listen (3rd dimension), then we ask more referrals (4th) and then we keep asking and looking. Haha! It’s kind of goofy but that is what they are teaching us now. But yeah. And then we talked about making a zone shirt. They are going to make a tee shirt for everyone. It’ll be 90 pesos. And it’ll have everyone’s names on it and everything. Which would be kind of cool. Oh and one of the reasons why we have to get it is because on the 23 there is going to be a stake missionary activity. It’s going to be in the house of the stake president. I imagine it’s big. There is going to be a swimming pool. And volleyball. And a bunch of other games. And the missionaries are in charge of all the games. The catch is that to be able to get in, the members have to take a nonmember. And then everyone will get a bracelet depending on the ward they live in so the missionaries will know where they are from and get the referral. Haha! Good idea no? And so they first told us that we could go in normal clothes. Nice shorts or jeans and a t-shirt. (But it can’t be like sport clothing something nice). And then they started talking about the zone shirt and that we had to buy it. And now they are saying that if we don’t buy the zone shirt then we will have to go in proselyting clothes which sucks. And just gives me a reason to not buy the shirt. Haha! But oh well. I don’t really care all that much.
After the zone meeting we did divisions. I was with a kid from Chile. He has been in the mission for 5 months, and he is still like really excited and all that stuff. First we went to lunch. I ate milanesa. But it wasn’t chicken. It was eggplant. (Its very popular here) it actually wasn’t that bad, but luckily the Hermana put spicy in it, so that helped. And then we had to go to the apartment to put his stuff away. Now we have gotten used to the new place. Its not that great but oh well we are there and we are going to stay. The worst part is the trip. It takes like 30 minutes to get there. Everyday we have to be in the bus stop like at 830 to be able to get home on time. We waste a lot of time traveling. But oh well. When we finally got back to the area, we went to the house of a less active kid. We thought he was the only member in his family but we found out that his mom also is member. But she told us that basically she only got baptized because she was going with her son. Now she doesn’t want anything to do with the church. And while we were there a friend came and we were there talking and he starts with all kinds of questions. Why can’t you drink coffee and tea? If God exists, why does he let people die? If God is all powerful, why doesn’t he just make us do good things and avoid the bad things? How do i know that you guys aren’t lying if the other churches can lie too? All kinds of stuff like that. And so we were there answering the questions. And In the mission her we hear that stuff all the times. It’s gotten pretty annoying and usually i don’t answer all the questions in depth. Because it all leads to reading the book of Mormon and praying it’s true. If the book of Mormon is true, then the church is true, and if the church is true then what we teach is true. And so on. But the other missionary from Chile got all excited and was answering all the questions and they were like kind of fighting and all that stuff. And after he was like so happy! We killed him! Totally destroyed him haha! I was like Yeah....! But it was fun! Now like i said that i didn’t know that the mom was a member, well she and he son have different last names. And we had planned to go visit her latter on. When we got there i noticed that it was the same lady and that we had already talked to her, i laughed. Haha!
Then on Thursday morning i decided to clean the wall because i had kicked it and it left a mark. I got a bowl and put water and soap in it. And i had the cell phone in my shirt pocket and when i leaned over to grab the bowl, and the phone fell into the water. And so all day we didn’t have a phone. We just left it in rice! Luckily it’s working now!
So funny story this week! One night we had made chorizo. I made two and i only are one. Well here it’s really hot so we sleep with the windows open. And i left the chorizo out on the table. Well in the morning we woke up and the chorizo was gone. I asked my comp if he ate it and he said no. and a bag of bread we had was all destroyed. We figured a cat got in and ate it.
Well another night i was getting ready for bed and i hear a bottle fall to the floor. And then i hear a couple other things fall and i hear FUERA! Which means get out! So the cat came in again and scared my comp and he tried to hit it! Haha! Then i went over and we turned on the lights outside and i saw the cat just waiting there. And i saw its bright yellow eyes! Haha! Now my comp wants to set up a trap and catch it or something! Haha!
Well there’s your letter! Haha! I have been using my comp Camera. At the beginning of the transfer i just used my camera and then he said that he needed to start send pictures to his family so he started taking out his camera more and i use that. That’s why i had pictures to send! But i can’t wait to get the camera and stuff!
If you can i want a Hackysack, but i want a Foot bag. Ill send a picture of what i want kind of.
Licorice Red vines
If you want to send CTR jewelry, they can’t get any church like rings, necklaces or anything like that. And then i can sell them to members. If not its cool. Doesn’t matter
And then surprise me! I can’t think of anything else that i am in desperate need of!

Thank you for everything! I love you and im so happy to be here and to take advantage of the time that i have left!

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