Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 1/2 Months - Passing the Time.

Connor wasn't working while he was waiting to go on his mission.  He was always taking "selfies" or snap chats and sending them to various friends and even Mom.  We ate at many of his favorite restaurants, we went boating and golfing.  He hung our with the Cronies whenever he could usually playing volleyball at the clubhouse.We love having the missionaries over for dinner, and they were happy to come and teach us a lesson to help Connor practice being a missionary.  We had lots of fun just getting him ready to go.

 This is what he does when he's bored.  Takes "Selfies" and Snap Chats his friends.
 Bacon.  Can I say more?
Always making a funny face.  Gotta love this boy, 
 Snap Chat
 Snap Chat of the family at the Diamondbacks Game
I hope they call me on a mission...Someday! 
 Snap Chat.  I love this Picture
Connor, Hunter and Taylor

 The Cronies, Taylor, Hunter, Ryan, and Connor - All Eagle Scouts.  Way to go Hunter
 The Torgesen Beauties
The Cronies minus Ryan

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