Tuesday, July 16, 2013

March 22, 2013 The Opening

So, this is were the Adventure begins.  Connor submitted his mission papers the first part of March.  He was attending school at BYU-I in Idaho.  When his call came in the mail, he had to wait a couple of days so we could gather the family together.  His brother, Elder Spencer Olsen, who is on his mission in Honduras, Tegucigalpa was given permission to call when Connor opened his call.  So Connor and his sister Lauren and Dennis her husband along with Connor's friends in Idaho gathered in his clubhouse at his apartment.  Our family and friends gathered at our house with the computer set up with Google Plus so we could watch Connor open his call.  His Grandpa Ray in San Jose, and his Uncle Brett and family in Tucson were connected, also, so they could watch, too.  It was Friday night, March 22, at 6pm.  Everyone was in place.  All we had to do was wait for Elder Olsen to call.  He finally called and we tried to connect him, too, but were unsuccessful so a friend of Connor's held the phone up to Connor, and the rest is history.

You are called to serve in the Argentina, Buenos Aires North Mission reporting July 3, 2013.  
Spencer:  "Connor, you're going to Argentina!"  
"I Know!"

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