Tuesday, July 16, 2013

April 12, 2013 Leaving BYU Idaho to start the Journey

BYU-I Winter Semester ended on April 12, 2013 this year and Connor's sister graduated.  We went up for the Graduation and drive Connor home to get ready for his mission.  While he was at school, he took care of his doctor and dentist appointments.  It was a fun time to spend with Lauren and Dennis and Connor.  On our drive home, we stayed with some family friend's who have been a Mission President, MTC President, and Temple President.  That evening after dinner, he gave Connor some great advise and council.  He asked Connor what the three most important things you need to do as a missionary.  Connor fumbled around and said to obey the rules.  He said yes, be obedient.  Then Connor said to study the scriptures, and he said, be obedient, and the third one is be obedient. Connor looked at him and said, "I can do #1 and #3, but #2 he had a hard time with.  We all got a chuckle out of that.  He then said to Connor,  follow the rules and do what you are asked to do.  He knew who the great missionaries were by if they shined their shoes every morning which was a Mission Rule.  Even though as soon as they stepped out their front door and their shoes were dirty, they still did what their Mission President had asked them to do by shining their shoes.    As we left their home the next morning he reminded Connor to work on #2 and be Obedient.  What great advice.

The next few months was busy shopping and buying and spending money!  Mom and Connor had lots of great quality time.  We did have to wait until the school year was over so I could spend the time doing what we needed to do.  I think we went to Pomeroy's, our local Missionary Clothing Shop downtown Mesa, six times.  We had issues with his suits, but all worked out in the end.

Enjoy the pictures getting Connor ready.
 Studying for Finals at BYU-I
 Got caught!
Mom's so happy to be back with her boy!! 
Visiting our friend's The Walz

Big Sister Lauren's Graduation  BYU-I April, 2013 

 Connor, Dennis, Lauren, Kiana, Grandpa Ray, Mom and Dad

Grandma Linda, Lauren, Dennis, Mom, Dad Aunt Shelly, Grandpa Ray, Kiana, & Connor

 Connor Ordained as an Elder
Dinner at Pei Wei after

 Connor has always been great at giving HUGS  Hugs for Grandma Linda
 The Olsen Priesthood Holders
Grandpa Clarke, Grandma Linda, Garrett, Dad, Mitchell, Connor and Mom
One of the many trips to Pomeroy's.  This trip was to pick up the luggage.  Let the packing begin!

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