Monday, July 15, 2013

Elder Connor Olsen, Argentina, Buenos Aires North Mission

Hello friends and family,

Well, we finally got the blog for Elder Connor Olsen up and running thanks to Lauren Nielsen, his sister and RobK our awesome family photographer. I, Wendi Olsen, his mother will be managing this blog for the next two years. I post on Facebook an updated notification of his blog after I have written something new. I will try and keep it updated every week, but sometimes I get busy, especially having two missionaries out for three months (I'm behind a whole month for his brothers which I plan on updating in the next day or two). 

It is an exciting to read about a missionary. As Connor experiences life in Buenos Aires, you will see the growth he is making and the lives he is changing. Missionary work is so exciting and we are blessed to be part of this huge push to spread the gospel. I look forward to sharing his expereinces and I know you will, too.  It is the hardest thing to send off a missionary for two years, but as the saying goes...."it's worth it!"

Look for a new post in the next day or two.

Wendi Olsen (MOM)

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