Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 17, 2013 Email Challenges


Things are well... I have not heard anything about the backpack thing. Everything is so in the dark about everything and it’s all really confusing... All of stuff here you just have to figure out on your own! It’s really annoying. Well, I have a 3 page letter almost finished that I wanted to send yesterday so I’ll finish that and get it off. Answers some questions. Um ya! Things are good. I’m just tired and writing emails while my laundry is going! I’m glad Lauren’s doing great. And uh ya! Idk haha Oh hey! Could you send me a Frisbee! Pday get kind of boring some times and our district wants to play Frisbee! Haha!!! That would be awesome. Um I did get the package. Like I said a lot of the questions will be answered in the letter. I don’t really know what else to say haha.

So I thought that I could get on the computer and finish later but apparently the time has to be consistent so it keeps counting down even when you aren’t on so that is super stressful and makes me forget what I would say! So annoying. And it doesn’t help that the computer keeps freezing and such! This thing is so annoying anyways. The language is coming along some what. I haven’t tried my visa yet. Haven’t activated it yet

 Walking to and from choir/devo! Crazy how many missionaries there are.

 We sometimes get bored haha

 My companion who grew up in a small Utah town of Huntington, Utah. Bought some "Shower Sandals" not knowing what Corona was. I made him take a picture with his "beer sandals" so funny!!! There is even a bottle opener on it haha
 We got an Argentina flag because it was the wrong color and the other guys didn't want it. One of the teachers is like well.. I'll take it home and soak it in bleach. So that's where it is now haha

 His last purchase before he entered the MTC.  Can't go on a mission without a hat! Go DBacks!
The 2 Elders are my Zone Leaders. The one on the right went to Highland but graduated 2013. 
Pretty cool. Great guys!! 
  That is a strange picture of my district. From left to right. Elders Enright,Eburhard(same way spelled as Loren Eberhard. No relation that he knows of), Elder Russon, and Elder Cannon.
 Elder Cannon is the DL(the one yawning)
Elder Hunter Haynie - It's a Cronie from Home!  I Love You MAN!

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