Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 10, 2013 First Email & PICTURES!

Hey Mom!

Things are great! My district is awesome! There are 7 guys now. There used to be 10 but 3 guys got moved up to an intermediate class because they had taken over 4 years of Spanish. Yeah.. Well the ¨¨date¨¨ with Kelsy was a  OMG Hey! Then we took a picture haha. But yeah! Well right now I’m trying to figure out how to put pictures up but it is not working so... I’m not really sure. I will let you know before I get off. Haha! In my package I want to get DDP (they have caffeine free diet coke here and it doesn’t cut it! HAHA) and like those Kool Aid packages or mio or something like that.   uhhh... I’m sure ill think of more things after I get off haha! Oh I need addresses because I only have one hour a week on the computer but I can write letters easier. And I also need the list of thank you letter people. I also need my Immunization record! I can’t find it in my stuff and I need it ASAP! But I love my district. There is 4 of us going to BAN and 2 going to Resistencia (spelling is wrong) and one of the guys is going to Ecuador. The guy going to Ecuador was supposed to go to the Mexico MTC but there were problems with his VISA and so he is here. He is really mad at the travel people because they keep cancelling his flight.  He is a good guy though. He likes to hang around me. Like one night he just decided he would hang out in our room until lights out even though I was obviously trying to sleep and my compaƱero was trying to write letters. Oh well... So apparently last night mi compaƱero got sick at like 2 am. He started throwing up and was loud and woke everyone up...except for me. Haha! They said I slept right through it. Unfortunately he’s been sick all day. But he’s a trooper and is pushing through it. So yesterday we went to our first Devotional. There I saw Hunter because he lives in West campus so it would be the only opportunity to see him. He is Zone leader crazy!!! And he has gained 10 pounds so far.....and you can see it... haha!! But he is doing good! Today I got my suit dry cleaned. I’m a little messy eater haha, oh well. So I talked with the IT guy and he wants me to go down to their office to figure out what’s wrong with uploading pictures because they don’t know what is going on. But hopefully I can get pictures to you tonight. If not next week. Sorry.  Well uh ya! Haha

Oh and I do not know the two missionaries you emailed about sorry, I’ll keep an eye out though.

 The Uncomfortable Bed!
 Hermana Foutz - one of his bestest friends since they were 8 years old (L.A. Visitor Center Spanish)
 THE DISTRICT - His companion - Elder Johnson far left
 Hermana Torgersen - Another good friend (Alabama I think Spanish Speaking)
Look, I'm a Missionary!

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