Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 17, 2013 MTC Handwritten Letter

Here is the 2nd Handwritten Letter we received...

Hey Mom!

Things are pretty good!  The Spanish is coming…They say that you will hardly use what you learn in the MTC and that learning Spanish in Argentina you can do in 3 days what the MTC would take 3 months.  So I just can’t wait to get out into the field and such.

I heard one thing small about the shoulder bag thing but I don’t really know…I’ll try and ask around.

Oh boy, the food is not doing me justice.  I don’t know if it is because I haven’t adjusted or what, but I am gassy ALL THE TIME!  And it smells so bad!  I feel so bad for the guys in my district.  But I don’t know what I could do.

The Devo’s are so good. The first Sunday we listened to a guy named Blake Durante (I think) and his new wife.  They were both so funny!  He taught us to be BOLD!  And she taught us to be learned or something like that.  I fell asleep at the Devo on Tuesday so I couldn’t tell you who it was but on this Sunday, we listened to Elder or Bro Heaton. He is like the Director of the MTC Administration or something.  He taught us about how God’s hand is in everything.  He had recent converts come up and tell their stories.  This kid liked this girl so he started getting closer to her and she was a member, and well, long story short….Her family adopted him and they were sealed in the temple….HA! Super awkward but it was funny! 

But ya I did not see Spencer’s email yet.  They are really strict about Email and such.  But I got your package today!  It was great!  I totally love it! Especially the purple tie.  Everyone was jealous of my package!  It was great! 

I saw Dallas today.  Se was jealous of my package and said I was a lucky man! HA.  Then she walked over and told me that Sister Lyons sent her the Ward Newsletter and there was a little thing in there about me and her.  She asked if I got it and next time I see her she hopes she has it to show me because I didn’t get it.  Oh Well.

Today I got a package from “Scottsdale.” She sent me some cologne and a picture of her haha.  My district was trying to convince me that she liked me.  It was comical.  Then these Elders in my zone passed by and saw the cologne (we were at lunch), and they said it was like the best cologne and super expensive.  They said the ladies love it.  Maybe I shouldn’t wear is on my mish and wait till I get home.  OH!  The best part was the package was it was like a pink flowery envelope.  Kinda funny!  Yeah!  It’s pretty cool because half of my district is planning on going to BYU-I when they get back.

I am planning on writing the thank you cards on P-day during laundry because it gets boring in there.

So today was our first day of TRC = Training Resource Center.  Basically what happens is REAL People come to the MTC and we teach the Member’s.  They aren’t acting or anything.  They are themselves and we teach them lessons in Spanish.  Today we had 2 people, 20 minute lessons.  That is just enough time to get to know them and bare testimony (baring testimony takes a long time still, haha!)  Our first guy was fun.  We just talked to him and was pretty cool about talking in English which wasn’t good.  The 2nd lady went better.  WE talked to her mostly in Spanish, but she helped us out along the way.  I bore my testimony to her in Spanish and the words just flowed out of me. 
It was such a great experience. 

Tonight we had devotional and got to sing in the choir.  This devo was special.  It was broadcasted to the other 14 MTC’s.  We sang “Nearer My God To Thee.”  Afterwards they took a picture of all of the Missionaries in the Marriott Center.  They said they have only taken a picture of ALL the missionaries 3 times before.  So it was kind of a big deal.  If you see it, I am on the far left, in the aisle like half way up right before the big group of girls/sisters (the choir).  I also saw Hunter and got a picture with him.  I’ll ask him to send it to you on Thursday.  He leaves for Georgia on Monday!  CRAZY! 

After the Devo, we had a District Devo Review.  We went around and said something we liked about the Devo.  Then after we were asked to all bare our testimonies.  After that the Spirit in the room strengthened like none other.  At the Devo, he said that the best tool the Lord has is the Missionaries and their testimonies.  So we learned a little about testimony. 

I got the newsletter from Sis Lyons yesterday and I think my sweaters got her today.  I have a package waiting and I don’t know what else it would be!

Love Ya!

Connor Olsen

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