Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 12, 2013 MTC Handwritten Letter

So I had forgotten that Connor had told me that he was sending home a couple of handwritten letters.  This is the first one.  It just kind of ends, and he finishes it in the next letter.


So things are going good.  The language is coming along…Somewhat.  We have taught 4 times in Spanish so far.  It is very difficult, but I know that it will come.  So we had a teacher named Hermano Day.  He was pretty cool.  He would speak very clearly and slowly so it was easy to understand his Spanish.  But we found out he was just a sub for our real teacher.  His name is Hermano Page.  Although Hermano Day was a great teacher, I feel that Hermano Page is a better match for me.  He pushes us a little bit more and makes us write more and do more like tasks which seems to help me more.  IDK.  We’ll see.

 So originally we had 10 Elders in our district.  After teaching a couple of lessons, they decided that some of the guys in our district were a little more experienced in the Spanish language.  Some of the guys have taken 4+ years of Spanish and since our class is a beginner class they were suggested to be moved up to the intermediate class.  After they were tested and interviewed, 3 of the Elders were transferred up leaving only 7 Elders in our district.  One of the Elders that left was the Elder from Gilbert High.  I’m pretty sure I told you about the Elder from Gilbert High.  So we got two sets of companeros and a 3some.  Luckily I’m just still in a set.  But I think it was better that those guys left because they would answer questions right away before I even had a chance to think about it.  So now it feels like the whole district is on the same level.

On gym time, the other day I was playing volleyball and the guys there were saying I was pretty good.  They thought I had played like on the high school team.  And these guys had been playing for like 5 years, so it’s a pretty big compliment.

I love meeting new people.  All over I can have great conversations with random people.  I’ve met a lot of guys going to Honduras.  None going to Tegucigalpa, but in other missions throughout Honduras.  I show them the picture of Spencer at the Tegucigalpa Temple and they get really jealous.

So I got my debit card.  I still need to go to the front desk to get a phone to activate it.  But, I’m not in a huge hurry to do that because I don’t need it while I’m here really. 

So I ran into Sister Stringham today.  Hopefully I’ll see her sometime in the next 2 weeks before she leaves.  My district was very impressed when she walked up to me! Haha.  Elder Russon was like, “Wow, she looks a lot like my next girlfriend.”   

So apparently the IT guy said that my SD Card is too big and it won’t connect to the computer because 16 gigs is too big for an SD Card…?  He even said my 8 gigs were too big.  He told me to just wait till I get out to the field to send pictures home!  I laughed and said, “Wow, you obviously don’t know my mom!” Haha!  So I’m not exactly sure what to do.  He let me send some pictures from his computer, but he is not going to let me do that every time. I very well might be snail mailing my SD card and you can send it back. 
So I got my Hat in the mail!  Pretty Awesome! 

The days are starting to go by faster.  But slowly I can feel our district getting less and less productive.   I try to think about if Jesus walked through the door at any moment will he be happy with what he was seeing.  So I try to be at least the one guy working while the others goof around.  There is a time to work, and they have a hard time working till the end of the day.  It does get really tiring especially after dinner though! 

Speaking of Dinner! GRRRR….!  So I saw the menu and it said “Hot Wings.”  I got excited.  When I got go dinner, they were neither Hot nor Wings.  They were BBQ boneless chicken nuggets!  FRUSTRATING!

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