Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Temple Day April 27, 2013

We wanted Connor to attend the temple as many times as he could before he left on his mission.  So he went through on April 27 and it ended up that one of his best friends, Taylor, went through the same session.  It was so awesome to be there with good friends.  Brett and Michelle, Grandma Linda, and another good friend who had already been through, Kelsy, Jamie and Tyler attended with us.  It was a great day.

Another good friend went through a few weeks later and we were able to attend with him
 Hunter and Connor...do you think they are ready to serve?
 Maybe they are and maybe they aren't. Of course they are!
 One of their friends from High School
 Mom is so Proud of her boy!
A great way to spend the evening.  We went to Sauce for pizza after.

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